Which game in your backlog would you like to end this year’s New Year?

Which game in the backlog do you want to end this new year?Illustration of the article titled

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I I asked the same question last year Looking back at the list of games I wanted to finish, I’m surprised that I actually had access to quite a few games.It is included Deadly Premonition, Radiant Historia, Pikmin 3, World-to-World Links, Trace Memory, And No More Heroes. The link between them all is that they were available on the switch or DS and I had little free time during the day so I was able to play them late at night after everyone slept.

This year my backlog got worse and I didn’t even get a new generation console. This year’s circumstances made me feel helpless and decided to buy a lot of DS / 3DS games on EBay.This is also Kid Ikarus Uprising, Dragon Quest IX, Shovel Knight, Luna Knight, Mario & Luigi: Inside Story of Bowser, Castlevania Dracula: Portrait of Ruin, More.The list of switch games I need to get is also overwhelming with the latest Fire emblem At the top of the list, then Astral Chain, Octopath Traveler, World End Syndrome, And Luigi’s Mansion 3.. This year’s PS4 backlog hasn’t made much progress, but we’ve got a lot of new games like this: Resident Evil 3 And that FINAL FANTASY VII Remake.. I have a game that I really enjoyed for the first time, but I had to put it on hold due to lack of time: Mega Man Legend, Legend of Kage 2 And Shining Force II (It’s in the Switch’s Genesis collection). There are plenty of classic NES, SNES, and Genesis games, but I’m trying to revisit them just to relive them.I usually play annually Castlevania 2-4 Jump over my save file for FINAL FANTASY IV.. I also got the DS version Chrono Trigger I love finding excuses to travel over and over again.

I know that having a backlog is a good problem. When I was a kid, my family rarely could afford a new game, so I had to play the same game over and over until I could get a new one. I believe this is where my love for RPGs was born, as RPGs have made a lot of money. But today, not only are there a lot of great games, many of them are spectacular in range and have too much to do. I have to prioritize my list and want to go to as many people as possible.

So, Kotaku, today’s question is which game in your backlog most wants to finish in the New Year?

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