Which mayor’s character is your soulmate based on your constellation?

Using their constellations, the mayor’s fans can easily find their soulmates among the show’s protagonists.

Tina fey And Robert Carlock’s new comedy Mayor Follow a group of characters entering a new political position, from the newly elected mayor to the staff he has appointed to the team.The series has a similar workplace comedy as 30 lock But instead in a political setting 30 Rocks Sketch the TV show settings.

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Series brings The laughter expected of Tina Fey in a cheerful conversation And it’s off to a good start that any fan of Faye and Carrock’s previous work can enjoy. The series is still in its first season, The individuality of each hero is clear You can then compare the typical personality of each constellation with which sign is the most compatible as a soulmate.

6 Virgo and Capricorn: Neil Breamer

Mayor Ted Danson

Newly elected inexperienced mayor Neil Breamer (Ted Danson) Is a reliable and stable character, sometimes devoted to work and daughter, even without depth. His attributes are most similar to the character of Taurus or Taurus. He has a tenacious personality, and even if he gets messed up, he keeps trying and can’t make mistakes or prevent him from trying again.

both Virgo The Capricorn sign highly appreciates Bremer’s personality. Both have high standards for themselves and others around them. Bramer makes mistakes, but like everyone else, he can take responsibility for his mistakes and try again. Virgo and Capricorn will love him as a reliable, loyal and honest communicator.

Five Leo & Aquarius: Alpimes Kimen

Holly Hunter as Mayor Alpi Meskimen

Alpimes Kimen (Holly Hunter) is an ambitious, loyal, hardworking and practical character that best matches the constellations of Virgo and Aries. She is experienced and knows her worth, but is not afraid to help inexperienced colleagues who rely on her for political and personal life guidance.

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Both Leo and Aquarius’s signatures will appreciate Alpi’s logical method and the fact that she can ultimately hear the opinions of others. Both Leo and Aquarius signs are usually creative, independent and passionate. This is a great attribute, but there are times when someone with an Alpi personality really needs to justify it.

Four Sagittarius and Libra: Michaela Show

Bella Label as Mayor Michaela Shaw

The Michaela Shaw (Bella Label) is a creative and passionate character that best fits Aquarius and Leo’s constellations, given her personality. Mikaela is unfamiliar with politics and may feel uneasy about her abilities, but she is doing her best.

Sagittarius and Libra complement her personality well. Both signs are confident in themselves and know who they are, but at times they can be overly stubborn about this. The Aquarius and Leo signs can bring out the more creative and passionate aspects of the Sagittarius and Libra signs, while helping Aquarius and Leo feel more confident.

3 Scorpio or Crab: Jayden Kwapis

Bobby Moynihan as Mayor Jayden Kwapis

Jayden Kwapis (Bobby Moynihan) is a loyal and adorable character, even inexperienced like most young employees of the mayor’s staff. He is kind, curious, and considerate of his colleagues and almost everyone he meets. Jayden most closely resembles the character of Gemini and Pisces with all his attributes.

The Cancer sign will appreciate Jayden’s faithful nature, while the Scorpio personality will appreciate Jayden’s passionate nature. He is the least experienced, but he always actively participates to support the team and both people appreciate this about Jayden.

2 Taurus Taurus: Tommy Thomas

Mike Caberon as Mayor Tommy Thomas

Tommy Thomas (Mike Caberon) is another fairly inexperienced staff member of the mayor’s team, but his inexperience does not hinder his confidence. He is most similar to the Scorpio and Capricorn personality types. Taurus sign personality Even if he tries to hide behind a tough façade how to care for others, he will appreciate Tommy’s credible personality.

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The Pisces sign understands that Tommy is reality-based, communicates honestly when needed, and is not afraid to tell the harsh truth. The Pisces sign may create its own story that may not be honest truth, and Tommy helps balance it with some reality.

1 Gemini & Aries: Cognos Reamer

Kayla Kendy as Mayor Cognos Breamer

Orly Bremer (Kyla Kennedy) is the daughter of Neil Bremer, who, despite being young, seems to be one of the safest characters on the show. Cognos knows who they are and is not afraid to confront what they believe. She was the inspiration for her father’s mayoral elections, perhaps the moral compass of the show, and has a character similar to Libra and Libra. ..

Gemini sign personality They will work well with Orly because they are kind and affectionate and appreciate her empathic nature. The personality of the Aries sign appreciates Orly’s confidence and passion for what she believes, and the two will form a great team.

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