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There is a clear top pair of free agent position players available this winter: JT Real Mute And George Springer..MLBTR staff in the off-season projection $ 125 million each for 5 years, starter only Trevor Bauer Nailed for a higher guarantee.The Blue Jays and Mets reportedly The strongest possibility Springer will land, but Realmuto’s market is not well defined up to this point. Which team is in the best position to run as a catcher?

Realmuto’s nine-digit trading would be ill-mannered for low-paying clubs such as: Indian people, Marlins, Brewery, Athletics, Pirate And Raise.. We can exclude them fairly safely.Reconstruction Orioles I’m not going to win-Splash now, and Rangers This winter is sold out.

There are a few more clubs that are generally expected or have already signaled that they want to cut their salaries this offseason.The· Reds You can upgrade with a catcher, but their discussion of off-season was about deducting rather than adding expensive talent.The same applies to rivals in the department Cubs..There wasn’t much off-season rumbling Diamondbacks Or Rockies.. Both theoretically make sense for Realmuto, but if either makes such a suggestion, it really registers as a surprise.The· Cardinal Engaged in a stalemate contract with a franchise icon Yadier Molina, Will be significantly cheaper. If the discussion with Molina fails, they are not expected to pivot to Realmuto.

A few other people have resolved the situation they have already caught.The· Mets It made sense at the start of the off-season, but signed James McCann instead.The· Royals And Giants I’m not going to sign Realmuto and replace each face of the franchise. Yasmani Grandal Probably the only other catcher in the sport near the level of Realmuto White sox All are set. Look at the remaining 13 teams.

  • angel: Angels have little certainty behind the plate Max stassi And Anthony Ben Boom..The angel has already been projected by, but there is clear room for upgrades Roster resource The 2021 payroll is just $ 15 million below last year’s figures. They still need to upgrade their pitching staff, so it is possible to roll with a low cost group in the catcher.
  • Astros: The Astros need to work with the outfield and the bullpen.they were exclude As a potential suitor for Realmuto early in the off-season, instead Jason Castro..
  • Blue Jays: The Blue Jays seem to be linked to all the high-value free agents and trading potential (Includes Realmuto) This winter. They are clearly trying to add high-end talent to help the team jump into a permanent battle, but it may take the form of Springer’s signature instead.Young catcher Danny Jansen And Alejandro Kirk There are promises, but they may not have enough track record for the winning team. If Toronto adds Realmuto, they may be moved.
  • Braves: This seems very unlikely. Travis d’Arnaud Excellent in 2020, GM Alex Anthopolous has avoided long-term trading since its acquisition in Atlanta.
  • Dodgers: The Dodgers have the flexibility to participate in the mix for elite players.But Will smith Looks like one of the best young catchers in the game. Theoretically, LA could sign Realmuto and trade with Smith to upgrade other areas of the roster, but that’s the real range.
  • Mariners: The Mariners could be an interesting dark horse for making splashes this offseason. There is room for a particularly long-term book, and the Seattle front office speaks of its desire to compete in 2021 after several seasons of rebuilding. Tom Murphy And Luis Torrens Realmuto’s signature is not a big deal, as it is a decent tandem in-house. However, the Mariners are in a position to attack players who think they have special talents, and Realmuto is certainly qualified.
  • Nation: The people have I was in contact This winter at Realmuto’s camp.He will significantly upgrade the team’s current pairing Yan Gomes And Torres Barrera.. However, it is uncertain at best whether ownership will give GM Mike Rizzo a financial line to re-establish a contract to set the market for top free agents.
  • Padres: Acquired by San Diego Austin Nola It seems likely that you will be looking for a starting pitcher due to the deadline last year. Mike Clevinger It came out in 2021 for Tommy John surgery.
  • Phillies: Realmuto’s previous team has no obvious replacement if he leaves.They tagged him with a qualified offer and reportedly I made a contract proposal..
  • Red Sox: Boston is generally expected to prioritize pitching this winter. Christian Vazquez This is a surprise as is one of the best catchers in sports. The Red Sox have the ability to spend to participate in Realmuto Mix, but there is no indication that they intend to do so.
  • Tigers: Detroit has no internal certainty in catchers and long-term books are pretty open. This would be strange because the Tigers aren’t immediately competitors, but the front office adds at least one of the game’s best catchers to work with the valuable young pitchers who will lead the rebuild. You can consider doing it.
  • twins: Like the Dodgers and Red Sox, Minnesota can theoretically sign Realmuto and exchange its quality in-house options (Mitch Garver And Ryan Jeffers, In this case) Help elsewhere in the roster. But again, it seems unlikely.
  • Yankees: The Yankees have focused on resigning DJ LeMahieu So far. If LeMahieu were to sign elsewhere, Realmuto’s pursuit would be plausible.The Yankees have submitted a contract to Gary Sanchez But no one knows what production they can expect after the dire season of 2020.

The Angels, Blue Jays, Nationals, Phillies, and Yankees seem to be the top candidates to sign Realmuto, but there are some long-term scenarios that could bring him to other cities. Turn the readership over to predict his final destination.

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Which team is best for JT Realmuto? Which team is best for JT Realmuto?

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