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Orlando – Not long ago, Padraig Harrington of Ireland sat down with a business manager to discuss a busy year ahead. In the past, his schedule always included three columns. One for PGA Tour events, one for European Tour events, and one for personal appearances and charitable events. This year there was a fourth column, the PGA Tour Champions.

Harrington, who turns 50 on August 31, is less than a month leading Team Europe’s efforts to maintain the Ryder Cup in the 43rd US match, which takes place September 24-26. ..

“If you want to succeed on the Champions Tour, you have to do it when you’re young, and once you’re there, you can’t go back,” he said.

However, in the process leading up to the Big 5-0, Harrington’s focus is head-on on the Ryder Cup. He will play on a full schedule, going back and forth between the European tour, which will start the season in the Middle East, and the PGA Tour, which was announced as the first sponsor invitation to play the Waste Management Phoenix Open on February 4. It’s a schedule. -7.

Steve Stricker (2020 Ryder Cup US Team Captain) and Padraig Harrington (2020 Ryder Cup Europe Team Captain), who won the Ryder Cup trophy at Whistling Straits on October 1, 2019, share a laugh.Photo: Via Mike De Sisti / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel USA TODAY Sports

“I’m going to play golf myself every year. I need to build relationships with players, not senior players I know,” he said. “Show your face and build relationships to earn the trust of your players, especially young players.”

Harrington, who won a total of three majors in 2007 and 2008, six PGA Tour titles and an additional 15 titles on the European Tour, is not ready to set sail for sunset. He said he would evaluate his game over the next eight months before deciding where to play most of the golf.

“If you think I can finish 15th At regular events, I don’t show up. I want to compete and win. “

However, Harrington was not convinced that he could follow in the footsteps of major winners Jim Furyk and Phil Mickelson. They made a seamless transition this year with their senior circuit debut. “I don’t think my strengths are so good for the Champions Tour,” Harrington said. “Must be 20 under par in 3 rounds.”

Regarding the Ryder Cup, Harrington is confident that the right decision has been made to postpone the competition for a year, giving him a year to take command of Team Europe.

“From March to April, we did a lot of work behind the scenes, making the best estimates for getting ready for the Ryder Cup,” he said. “By the end of April and the beginning of May, it turned out that it wasn’t really possible. It wasn’t possible. Later, it’s shown to be the right decision. We are all happy to wait a year. We are looking for a newcomer for a year or so. I think it will be a benefit to my team. “

Harrington feels like the Europeans are playing at home as Whistling Straits, the venue for the 43rd Ryder Cup in Wisconsin, is about to become the fifth European captain to lead the team. I often say that I believe it is the venue. Victory in America.

If the official World Golf Ranking is any sign, US teams need to defend more talented teams. Americans currently count 12 of the top 20 compared to 6 Europeans. However, the Ryder Cup has been proven many times to be like a bitter rivalry, where records are thrown out and anything can happen.

“Playing at Hazeltin (2016 site) or Valhalla (2008 host) would be a huge disadvantage,” Harrington said. For Americans, playing a large, fast, wide traditional American golf course is a great advantage. In Hazeltin, you need to round 89 birdies. We will have a hard time winning in such a situation. That is why it was called “Medina’s Miracle (2012)”. I think Whistling Straits is a more neutral place. “

It’s time to see if Harrington can gather the winners and if he can run again with the victory of his first PGA Tour in more than five years. He still believes there are games to do so.

“I’m hitting it straighter than ever,” Harrington said.

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Whistling Straits European Captain Padraig Harrington

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