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White House looks back on Biden’s comments on cybercrime swaps with Russia

The White House on Sunday returned a comment from President Biden. “Open” to the exchange of cybercriminals With Russia.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan appeared to have accepted Vladimir Putin’s offer to the Air Force One news agency that Kremlin would hand over the cybercriminals if the U.S. responded in kind. At that time, Biden said he was not talking about “exchange or exchange.”

“I’m not saying he intends to exchange cybercriminals with Russia,” Sullivan said of Biden.

“No cybercriminal has committed a crime in Russia that he sees. I think’I’m going to replace them,'” Sullivan said.

“In the media that came out of it, I think it was over-read or misread.”

Biden was asked about Putin’s proposal at the end of the G7 Summit, a global leader in the United Kingdom.

“If there is a crime committed against Russia, I will accept it,” Biden said.

“In fact, the people who committed these crimes are being held in the United States, so I promise to hold him accountable.”

However, after the comments were widely disseminated, Mr Sullivan said the president had not responded to a particular proposal to exchange criminals.

“He was saying that if Vladimir Putin came and said,’I’m ready to make sure cybercriminals are held accountable,’ Joe Biden would show up completely and say,” In America Cyber ​​criminals will be held liable. ” They are already, “said Sullivan.

“That’s what we do when we learn that someone is committing a cybercrime, whether against a domestic target or a foreign target,” he added.

Putin’s offer was made when he appeared on state television on Sunday prior to a planned discussion between two leaders in Geneva, Switzerland, which is expected to focus on the ransomware attack. ..

“If we agree to hand over the criminal, of course Russia will do it, but only if the other side, in this case the United States, agrees to do the same and hand over the criminal in question to the Russian Federation. “Putin said.“Getting into trouble with staff”: Biden slides how he was treated to face the press

“Cybersecurity issues are one of the most important issues at the moment, as turning off any type of system can lead to very difficult consequences.”

At a press conference closing the G7 last Sunday, Biden joked that he would be in “trouble” with his staff if he didn’t receive questions from the pre-planned press list.It is known that the president’s staff responds politely He gets a question from the media..

Last month he cracked a member of the media “I’m not going to answer all these questions.” Following the White House Conference on Coronavirus Vaccines and Infrastructure Planning.

Biden plans to hold a single press conference after a roundtable discussion with Putin.

By doing so, Mr Biden said he could avoid “a dispute over who would do better and try to embarrass each other before the press conference.”

“That is, I think the best way to deal with this is to meet him and I and talk to him and I,” Biden said. “I will reveal my view of how the meeting took place, and he will reveal from his point of view how it took place,” the president said.

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White House looks back on Biden’s comments on cybercrime swaps with Russia White House looks back on Biden’s comments on cybercrime swaps with Russia

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