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In the news buried in the pre-lockout trading rush, the White Sox brought back a 30-year-old utility man. Leury Garcia With a $ 16.5 million three-year contract. The season’s slash line was .267 / .335 / .376, but he achieved 2.0 WAR in 126 games. This is a testament to his defensive strength.

Bats are at stake, as you can see 80 wRC + in his career, but his 98 wRC + in 2021 was an important step up. Lack of power is the biggest hole in Garcia’s attack, or at least the clearest area for improvement. With a maximum exit speed of 109.6mph, which is above the league average, it has some measurable power, but a 55% ground ball rate restores most of it. He lags behind those with similar exit speeds at barrel rates.

The flaws in the bat aren’t that important to Garcia, but he’s gone through the Utility Man, and many players will play many positions, but he’s solid. Chris Taylor Tear. Only two players played at least 60 innings in six different positions in 2021. In fact, there were only two players with at least 30 players.

These seasons are incredible feats, but only possible because everyone else was injured.Just in 2021, the White Sox Eloy Jimenez, Luis Robert, Adam engel, When Andrew Vaughn.. Garcia’s value comes primarily from its availability at all positions during the season. The White Sox will be happy to play less than 126 games.

What makes Garcia special and stays in Chicago’s fold is that every position he plays is more than enough, even though he didn’t get enough people in every position to grow. is. There’s no clean way to slice hundreds of innings of defense metrics for multiple positions, but there’s nothing to show that he’s missing everywhere. Above average outs, his -3 OAA in all positions in 2021 is consistent with Taylor, Josh Rojas.. Garcia did not accumulate less than -2OAA or -2DRS in any of the six positions played and did not fall below -0.5UZR no matter where she stood. His speed-he’s in the 84th percentile of sprint speed-is best converted to the outfield, but he still has himself everywhere.

A year ago, it was hard to imagine the White Sox leaving. Nick Madrigal Secondly as their long-term solution.Not since last year Craig Kimbrel Trade (may not be swap) that’s all), But in Garcia, Chicago has at least a second (and third, short, etc.) backup plan. Competing teams don’t want to deploy Steamer’s predicted 89 wRC + second every day, but assume that the White Sox has six different backup players with the predicted 89 wRC +. Is probably wrong. It’s unlikely that there’s a grand plan to change Garcia’s swing to get more power out of him, but it’s not surprising that a high BABIP can continue a season like 2021 leading to league average production. That is.

So far, the only other second baseman on Chicago’s roster other than Garcia is Danny Mendick, So I can’t imagine the White Sox not doing anything else there when the lockout is over. And, as mentioned above, Garcia’s value lies in his diversity, so they should be 100%.Taylor and Enrique HernandezIt helps, not as star performance (although Taylor can certainly hit like one), but not as bad as the alternatives that exist within the organization. Are the White Sox sitting in a minor league that can provide average second baseman defense with average to above average bats? Probably not, or at least they don’t think so. While waiting for them to train or acquire that player, they kept Lurie Garcia working as the man anytime, anywhere.

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White Sox maintains insurance policy and re-signs Leury Garcia White Sox maintains insurance policy and re-signs Leury Garcia

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