Who are the main Morbius villains?

It seems that Sony intends to portray Morbius as an anti-hero rather than a villain, just as they did in Venom. Neither character is bad at their core — both led to a dark path as a result of something that happened to them. Morbius may have become a monster, but that was not his intention. That said, he would have his own big bud to fight in the form of a Roxyus crown, also known as a hanger, in “Morbius”.The crown is Played by Matt Smith, a veteran of “Doctor Who”..

It’s like a deep cut in a superhero comic, and little is known about the Loxias Crown backstory. Created by Howard Mackie, he made his debut in 1996 with “Spider-Man” # 76. A mad scientist genius, Crown eventually joined the malicious organization Hydra. Both Crown and Morbius suffered from the same rare blood dyscrasion, but instead of trying to create his own cure, Crown experimented with a living vampire. In the process, he transformed into hunger, a very similar being.

Who are the main Morbius villains?

https://www.slashfilm.com/636422/who-is-the-main-morbius-villain/ Who are the main Morbius villains?

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