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Hey, critic, Ben Askren I heard your voice clearly – and he doesn’t seem to care.

Will fight Jake Paul Asklen (0-0 Boxing) is indifferent to the criticisms he has received since April 17 in an eight-round boxing match against 10-ounce gloves. The fight was announced on Tuesday – He doesn’t understand it.

The prospect of declining an opportunity confuses Asklen. The monetary rewards are there, as Asklen revealed to Paul (2-0) that he would make “more than was paid in a single battle so far.” But in addition to that, Asklen does not agree that there are high levels of risk involved.

“I’m not going to box Mike Tyson,” Asklen said. ESPN on Tuesday. “I’m not going to box Roy Jones Jr. Well, if I had to box those guys, I would be really worried. I’m nervous, or to another good guy Give it a name. I’ll be like “Oh (swearing)”. Some of these MMA guys, even if I had to fight (against) in a boxing match. I set foot in a cage with a trained murderer – those who do this for their livelihood. Jake Paul is a YouTube star who has defeated two men who have literally never fought in life. The idea that this guy is good at boxing is paranoid. “

Former NCAA Division I National Champion, National Collegiate Athletic Association four times, Dan Hodge Trophy twice, Team USA Olympian Askren has been successful in MMA through martial arts.

When he steps into the ring on April 17, it marks his first official boxing tournament. But Asklen believes that his unbeatable ability in his MMA career is confident that he will succeed against Paul.

“Listen, he’s a YouTube star,” Askren said. “People think he’s this good boxer. Think of the guys I stood on the other side of the cage, like Douglas Lima, Andrey Koreshkov, Robbie Lawler. They’re four. Wearing only ounce gloves, I could hit me, elbow, kick, kneel. They could do whatever they wanted to do. Now I Must put this YouTube star in a box with 10 ounces of gloves. That’s not the case. “

There’s a lot of hype around Paul-whether it’s due to his popularity or his actual in-ring skills is another matter. For Asklen, the two sides should be separated. And when it comes to Paul’s skills, Asklen isn’t impressed.

“Everyone who was (previously) a combat athlete understands what it’s like to be a fighter,” Asklen said. “They really experience difficult situations, they understand what it’s like to fight and deal with adversity. They understand that, that is, its toughness. Is a little (swearing) boy. He is some rich celebrity who wants to pretend he is a fighter by fighting really bad guys.

“… He has this idea of ​​wanting to be a fighter, and it’s almost embarrassing for a real fighter. It’s embarrassing for anyone who was actually in a cage or wrestled or fought in Jiu-Jitsu. For those types of people (for), it’s embarrassing for this guy to parade like a real fighter. “

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Who is Jake Paul Boxing?Ben Askren sets critics straight Who is Jake Paul Boxing?Ben Askren sets critics straight

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