Who is Mason? How does he get so much?

Following the release of Marvel Black widow The movie, OT Fagbenle’s Rick Mason, is still a mystery of the MCU. Given his absence from most trailers and marketing, there was a lot of speculation about what role he would play in Black Widow’s first (and only) solo adventure on the MCU.Based on the secrets surrounding his character, many theorized that Mason would stand. Black widow Taskmaster And the real villain of the movie.

Mason was not found to be an adversary, but he appeared as a mystery in the movie. At various points in the film, Fagbenle’s character proved to be a widow ally of Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson). Natasha managed to get what she needed from Mason, even though she wasn’t in a position to seek help from SHIELD, The Avengers, or the government. Surprisingly, his wit seemed to be unlimited. Mason’s ability to obtain seemingly unobtainable supplies naturally raised many questions about his inside story. However, they did not answer these questions directly.

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That said, Rick Mason can continue to exist in the MCU. The story of Black Widow is overBut he has always been another Marvel character such as Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac), and Sam Wilson’s Captain America (Anthony Mackie). I was able to appear in a project related to. After all, Natasha doesn’t have to be the only one to benefit from Mason’s connection. Some clues can be gathered from what is known about the relationship between cartoon characters and Natasha as to how he became such a valuable asset.

Inside story of Mason’s comic

Between 1982 and 1993, Marvel Comics published over 70 “Marvel Graphic Novels.”Some of these super-sized standalone comics are Killraven and Captain Marvel, While others are introducing brand new characters to the Marvel Universe. Like the New Mutants, some of these became major comic book heroes, but others never actually took off through the cracks. The latter category falls into the category of Rick Mason, who starred in a 1990 graphic novel. Rick Mason: Agent..

In the story, he was introduced as the son of Finius Mason, also known as Tinkerer, who is reputed to be one of Spider-Man’s first enemies. Unlike his villainous father, Rick was portrayed as a hero working as a freelance intelligence agency. Rick is not affiliated with any particular agency and calls his service “Successful bidderAnd to the people of the Marvel Universe, “Agent“.His story is Rick Mason: Agent Hire him Nick fury, He had to defeat a drag ring run by a super-powerful villain. Apparently, Mason has the talent to crush the character with his power, even if he doesn’t have his own power.

Following the release of the graphic novel, Marvel used Rick Mason as a guest character in just a handful of cartoons. For years, agents have enjoyed short team-ups with both Carol Danvers and Luke Cage, but have no known history with Black Widow.

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How Mason Get More With Black Widow

Black Widow Natasha Mason

Rick Mason’s MCU adaptation has been consistently described as a SHIELD agent with which Black Widow worked with him during his days at the organization. Assuming this is true, it helps explain how Mason has the resources he does.Was through Mason Black Widow can now access Quinjet, An advanced jet designed by SHIELD engineers. They are also run by members of The Avengers.If you were a SHIELD agent before Mason fell Captain America: The Winter Soldier, He may have knowledge of a hidden SHIELD warehouse equipped with all kinds of high-tech equipment, including Quinjets. Also, by working under SHIELD (and generally in the field of espionage), Mason may have been able to create a long list of contacts related to different countries and organizations. His military career may have contributed to his long list of connections. In the past, Mason said “Fag Benle”Former soldier“. Having friends high up and having SHIELD information about secret supply cash scattered around the world will certainly make Mason a good ally for people like Black Widow.

Who Mason works for the MCU

Black Widow OT Fag Benle as Mason

If Mason is working shield..Or other intelligence organizations in the MCU, he hasn’t confirmed it Black widow.. Looking at how his character is portrayed and what Fagbenle said about him, Mason is likely to be a freelance operative with no official affiliation with any institution or government. As mentioned above, the comic version of Rick Mason had no loyalty to SHIELD, the CIA, or anyone else, but if enough money was offered, he would do it for them. I didn’t object to working. It understands why he was called an “agent”. This is a name that does not include affiliation with a particular government. Because of this approach to his work, Mason had full control over his operations at the Marvel Universe. A man who doesn’t answer anyone, he chooses whether to carry out his mission.

It seems reasonable that this aspect of his character is why Marvel chose him, as this is a central element of Mason’s appearance in the comics. Phase 4 movie NS Black widow.. Moreover, it is worth noting that Fagbenle describes Mason in a way that matches how he was characterized. Rick Mason: Agent 1990 graphic novel. According to Fagbenle, Mason saidReady to work for the highest bidder“. His personality in the movie helps to give a similar impression. In other words, the MCU Mason also has no boss. What that ultimately means for his character is that the future of his MCU is widespread. Marvel characters from Phase 4 movies and Disney + shows with deep pockets could pay for Mason’s service. The next time he appears, he may be hiring someone from a millionaire like Moonnight.Alternatively, he may be willing to provide assistance to other former associates in the same way he did to Natasha. Black widow..For example, he could get a call from Clint Barton Hawkeye.

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