Who is Ravona Lexalayer?Loki’s Marvel Villain and Canlink Description

of Loki, Judge Ravona Renslayer, Time Variance Authority The organization responsible for maintaining the proper flow of time (TVA) is played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Ravonna Renslayer has a rich cartoon history to back her up as a character. Importantly, the history of her comics strongly associates her with Kang the Conqualer. Can the Conqualer Loki It’s Season 1 (played by Jonathan Majors) and is set to occupy most of the MCU’s Phase 4 and beyond.

Throughout Loki Mbatha-Raw’s role as Ravonna Renslayer is both memorable and disruptive. Late-season revelations about her, the timekeeper, and TVA cast her in a very different way, while she played Mobius’s friend. Flashbacks show her apathy by following the rules of TVA. She works as an agent, Sylvie in addition to Mobius treatment..

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In comics, Ravona Lexalayer is best known as the long-standing love interest of Kang the Conqualer, a villain whose purpose is to dominate the entire timeline.It doesn’t come out Loki Season 1, she will probably appear in Loki It may be in Season 2 and elsewhere in the MCU before that.Everything you need to know is here Loki’s A hostile TVA judge, the origin of her cartoon, and a link to Kang.

Gugu Mbatha Lo is an MCU Ravona Renlayer

Mbatha-Raw’s Loki The casting was announced in February 2020. At the time, the report didn’t say which character she would play in the Disney + series. However, it became clear that her role was that of the leading actress. With Mbatha-Raw confirmed as Judge Renslayer, it makes sense that she is playing a leading role in the series.under consideration Loki Explore How the Trickster God broke reality Judge Renslayer could appear as an enemy in the series as the TVA attempts to modify the timeline. There are plans not to ruin what Loki is planning behind the scenes. Mbatha-Raw is a very talented actress, and no matter how her story unfolds, there is no doubt that she will bring nuance and depth to Renslayer.

The origin and power of Renslayer comics

Ravona Lenlayer Lokican Marvel

Ravonna Renslayer was first introduced in the 1965s Avengers # 23 And several different aliases are used, such as Terminatrix and Temptress. She was born in the late 40th century and is the daughter of King Calerius. One ruler of the kingdom of Kang.. Although Ravona has no superhuman abilities, she is highly intelligent, skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and skilled in the use of advanced future techniques. By detecting the energy field using teleporters and other futuristic technologies, Ravona can move through time.

She confronted the Fantastic Four and The Avengers. They sought to prevent the recovery of Ultimate Nullifier, a weapon that can destroy anyone the user wants.In this case, the lens layer Destroy the Kang ConquerorWhile visiting with the Grandmaster, he chose to kill the Avengers instead of saving her. She is also an ally of the Avengers (albeit short-lived) and is working with them to defeat Kang from taking over the 40th century. Renslayer is relentless, passionate and incredibly capable. But no matter what Renslayer did, she proved how clever and frightening her enemies and allies (depending on the day) were.

A link to Renslayer’s Kang (and why it matters)

Loki Ravona Renslayer

Ravonna Renslayer first Time travel can When he conquered her kingdom and attempted to fold it into his growing empire in the 40th century. For a long time, Kang’s love for Renslayer was one-sided, and she looked down on him for his imperialist methods. When the Avengers appeared to defeat Kang, she first joined them to stop him. Due to his love for Renslayer, Kang wanted Ravona to change her mind and marry him, allowing the kingdom to rebel against his plans. Kang was certainly struck, given that Ravona was the only ruler who did not kill while in control.

When Kang’s general tries to assassinate him, Ravona sacrifices himself to save him, and Kang falls into a coma and finds a way to bring her back completely. Ravona is Kang’s greatest love and greatest enemy. She loved him, sought revenge, and killed him (it’s complicated). The out-of-date princess eventually regains Kang’s feelings, but she often feels betrayed by his actions.He would rather conquer the timeline or give it a try Kill the avengers Rather than saving her, Ravona was tired of being second in his demonic plans. In any case, her love-hate relationship with Kang plays a big role in her story. At some point, Ravona even becomes the ruler of Chronopolis, an area created by Kang and existing overtime.

Judge Renslayer’s connection with Kang is very important.Her presence Loki I foresaw the show’s plans to bring time travel villains to the MCU early in the series.It’s important to be careful Lovecraft Country Jonathan Majors officially Cast as Kang Conqueror Ant-man 3This means that the plan for his role at the MCU is already in motion. Given that Ant-Man came up with the idea of ​​using the Quantum Realm for time travel, it makes sense for Kang to be a movie villain.However, at the end, bring the major can to the MCU Loki Season 1 allows him to accumulate more and help develop complex characters more thoroughly before he appears in later films.

It’s unclear how much of Ravona’s origin story is held by the MCU, and if so, how much will come later. A variant of Ravona is shown to TVA as a school teacher who is not a 40th century princess.In addition, she knows a lot of TVA secrets, how she knows them, how much she knows about Kang’s existence, and Miss Minutes play several roles In two relationships. It’s not surprising that it’s the same with the Ravonna Renslayer, as the MCU has played fast and loosely in the cartoon backstory before. NS Loki At the opening of Season 1, Ravona escaped from the time door and she has the opportunity to reappear. The real question is where, when, and whether she is on the side of Kang or The Avengers.

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