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The 1-5 start to the Washington Wizards season was clearly a rocky start. Along the way, it was an early journey with some close heartbreakers and blown leads. While frustration is rising in Washington, DC, Denivadia sees this stretch as an opportunity for growth. This paid off after the team’s first victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday, January 1st.

“I learned that everyone has to be patient,” Avdija said. “Fans must be patient, players must be patient, everyone must be patient. We are great players. If you sit in our locker room and look around, we have great talent. But sometimes it takes time to understand things. With the addition of new superstars, I’m new to the team and new to the system. It takes time for everyone. “

Avdia is one of the youngest players in the NBA to turn 20 tomorrow, January 3, but all teammates, including superstars Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal, have his maturity and calm. I can’t stop talking about.

“He’s always learning,” Beer said. “It’s very interesting because they said he’s a million-question man, just as Deni asks a lot of questions before he comes here. And that’s great, because he I just want to learn, I want to get better, I want to be on the floor, and it’s amazing to see how calm he is on the floor, he’s not really tired, he’s bothered by anything not.”

Despite being a young rookie, Avdia started with all six games Washington has played so far. In the match against Minnesota, Avdia scored 11 points in the first double-digit match, shooting 9 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals, 1 block and 60% depth. I did.

This diversity is why Washington chose Avdia in its ninth round of selection in the 2020 NBA Draft. He is the man every candidate wants.

After defeating Minnesota, coach Scott Brooks said, “I like the fact that he knows how to play and is looking for a teammate.” “He’s not trying to fill the last category of the stats sheet. He wants to play. He wants to rebound. He wants to pass. Set a good screen. He thought he had a good drive with his left hand, which we’ve been working on, where he passed Thomas Bryant for Alley-oop. “

Avdia joined the Maccabi Tel Aviv youth team at the age of 12 and joined the professional club at the age of 16. His overseas experience can leave a strong impression on his veteran teammates and give his team such great and contagious confidence.

“He just does what Deni does,” Beer said. “He’s not doing anything special. He’s just playing basketball the right way and he’s using his body well. It’s great for a rookie. He has great professional attributes. I’ve been playing since I was 12 years old. “

At the NBA, we often see young players in the limelight for their fans and teams. These players tend to chase stats instead of winning and tend to decline over time. Avdija is the exact opposite. In many cases, you play like a pro and win beyond stats.

“Everyone will have to participate to maximize our potential,” Brooks said. “We don’t want all the balls handled, all the playmaking, all the shots in the hands of Russell and Brad. It’s an ongoing task, believe me. We’ll continue to discuss this. I think Deni has the ability. That is, he is 19 years old. I love him, I love his way of competing, I love how he wants to be better I love the question he asks me. It’s always about the right thing. “

So far this season, Avdija has averaged 7.8 points, 5.2 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.3 steals, but only 0.7 turnovers in 26.2 minutes per game. When Avdija is on the floor, Wizards boasts an attack rating of 129 compared to a defense rating of 111.

In the first week of the NBA, there’s a lot of noise about the passing skills of newcomers like LaMelo Ball and Killian Hayes, but Avdia is cooking as expected. Avdia may not be flashy, but it’s great at creating a competent path to your teammates, setting them up in the best possible way.

“I love playmaking. I love making play for my teammates,” Avdia said after defeating Minnesota. “I love getting my teammates involved. I’m looking for teammates on every occasion. It makes me feel good and the whole team feels good, I find them every time. So it’s big for me today. I took a step. I did some playmaking play .. .. It will come over time. “

In one of the best plays of the Wizards season, Avdia installed a similarly impressive young man, Thomas Bryant, in Alley-oop. Avdia excels at bounce pass technology, which allows teammates to slip through defenders and enter the basket.

Avdia was also a good shooter and was a question mark about his game towards drafts and seasons. His form can use some work, but the raw skills and the results he has shown so far cannot be denied. Avdija is currently shooting 47.6% from the depths in just under four trials per game. This is one of the team leaders in that regard.

“Sometimes [Avdija] The game is going a little faster for him, so I’ll ask you a question, “Ber said. “But most of the time I think he’s doing more than we expected. He has a glimpse of his diversity, he’s an excellent three-point shooter, he Probably now has the highest percentage on our team. “

Despite losing five games in a row earlier this year, Washington offers a reason for excitement, leading the Philadelphia 76ers in many of the first games of the season, scoring 130 points in a series of games.

“You can’t expect magic to happen right away,” Avdija said. “Well, we’re booming, we’re 7-0.” No, that happens, we’ll lose the game. But in the end, how to turn into a team was the most important thing for me, that’s why I smiled at the team, and everyone was positive about it. Of course, we were frustrated and angry, but after all, we know ourselves and we know ourselves are good. “

Avdia, Bryant, Rui Hachimura and Troy Brown Jr. make up a young corps of Wizards, and this season is about the perfect blend of learning and competition, Avdia believes the latter will come over time.

Through six games, Avdija has already established itself as a young leader and poster child in the locker room victorious spirit. Talking to Brooks and Beer and seeing how high the entire franchise is in Avdia, it’s clear why Wizards chose him ninth overall.

“I am very positive about this team,” Avdia said. “Mark my words, we’ll get better. We need to understand things, play hard and defend. When playing simple and playing defense, I We are playing very well. I am positive about this team. “

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Who is the Rockets Brodrick Thomas? | Basketball Insider Who is the Rockets Brodrick Thomas? | Basketball Insider

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