Who is who in Disney Plus Marvel Hawkeye

Marvel’s Hawkeye Show at Disney Plus is a story about Clint Barton teaching young Protégé Kate Bishop how to bow so that one day he can take on the Hawkeye cloak. As production progressed at the show, industry reports revealed that the familiar Marvel characters in the MCU series were being cast. We will break down all the characters that appear in the Hawkeye Show, explain the origins of their cartoons, and try to connect what role they play in the story.

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Who is who in Disney Plus Marvel Hawkeye

Clint Barton-Hawkeye

Actor Jeremy Renner replays his role as Marvel’s premier superhero archer, Clint Barton. The details of the show’s plot are slim, but we collect that Clint is finally aiming to settle down with his family now that his family has recovered and Thanos has been defeated by the Avengers. Before Clint retires, he needs to find a sharp alternative, and that’s nothing but Kate Bishop-more about her soon.

The story is clearly inspired by Matt Fraction and the acclaimed Hawkeye Comic series by David Aja. It’s not a superhero action epic, but about the life of a civilian with the problem of Clint, who doesn’t shoot arrows at killer robots and aliens like Hawkeye. It’s not without excitement and danger. In fact, Clint in this cartoon is often covered in scratches and bandits. When a member with the gun of the Russian gang “Truck Suit Dracula” appears, Clint stands up for his fellow apartment tenants (including those who affectionately call him “Hawk Guy”). At the heart of it is a crucial conflict.

Obviously, the MCU Clint is in a much different place in his life compared to the comics, seeing how he lives on an isolated farm with his family, and we still have this show We look forward to exploring the more human and flawed aspects of Clint. The series allegedly reveals Clint’s backstory, so expect him to discover archery tips and hear how he joined SHIELD. Marvel’s head Kevin Feige will also shed more light on Clint’s era as a masked sword-wielding assassin wanderer during the Avengers: Infinity War and endgame events at Comic Con 2019. Revealed.

Kate Bishop-Hawkeye

Yes, I saw Clint teaching her daughter to shoot a bow in the Avengers: Endgame. Proudly calling her “Hawkeye”, the new Hawkeye Kate Bishop is a completely different character. Kate is played by actress Hailee Steinfeld. Despite the fact that Steinfeld was found alongside Renner in the public filming scene of Hawkeye’s show, Disney has not yet officially announced her casting.

Kate Bishop made her comic debut as one of the Young Avengers, a team of super-powerful teens emulating the iconic Avengers hero. The daughter of her wealthy parents, Kate, was kidnapped by a supervillain at an early age for ransom, and she was first inspired by Hawkeye when the Avengers appeared to rescue her. As a young adult, a violent encounter with a robber hurt Kate and motivated her to learn all sorts of self-defense, including martial arts and sword fighting, and you guessed it, archery. As one of the Young Avengers, she met Clint during her term as a Ronin. This started a partnership in which Clint’s mentor Kate became the next Hawkeye.

Little is known about how the MCU version of Kate Bishop will be drawn and what elements of the comic will be carried over to the show, but I think it has Kate’s whip’s smart attitude and keen sense of humor. Is probably safe. Young Avengers hasn’t been founded on the MCU yet, so Kate will take another path to becoming Hawkeye. Perhaps MCU Kate noticed that Hawkeye disappeared after the snap. That was the reason why I filled the gap left by Hawkeye and became a superhero myself.

Eleanor Bishop-Kate’s Mom

A new casting report reveals that actress Vera Farmiga will play Kate’s mother, Eleanor Bishop. In the comics, Eleanor was estimated to have died for much of Kate’s life, but she suddenly reappeared in a mysterious situation, revealing that she was with the villain Madame Masque (spoilers!). did. However, I still don’t know if Eleanor is really good or bad. The answer is probably somewhere in between.

Perhaps at the show, it’s her missing mother who picks up the bow and motivates her to look for Clint and find her, as Kate will be a detective to hire in her solo comics.

In the comics, Kate’s father, Derek Bishop, is a terrible abusive man and a criminal who works with Supervillain, so Kate has no shortage of problems with her parents. There was nothing to say that Derek Bishop was on the show, so I don’t know if he will be involved in the plot.

Jack Duquene-Swordsman

It’s not surprising that we meet the people who raised these heroes at the show about inheriting heritage. Actor Tony Dalton is reportedly playing Jack Duquene, well known as Swordsman, the mentor and father of the comic Clint. (Supplement: In the comic, he came from Siancong, a fictional Southeast Asian country under French control, and his name was Jacques Duquesne.)

As his alias suggests, Jack is a brilliantly talented Master Sword fighter who wields all-blade weapons of style and talent. Jack was a traveling amusement park performer, and it was he who accepted and raised the young and troubled Clint. Jack taught Clint to fight with a sword, and another performer, Trickshot, taught him how to use a bow. If the Hawkeye show follows the cartoon, Jack may be the way we learn about the origins of Clint and the checkered past.

Over the years, Jack has been portrayed as both a villain and a hero. It created a very complex relationship with Clint. Think of Jack as a dad who can’t help but get into trouble. Clint is a son who always feels obliged to rescue him. In one memorable cartoon story, Jack took advantage of his bond with Clint and sought to use his position as an avenger for personal gain. Perhaps Jack will appear in Clint’s life asking for help just to betray him as part of the plan.

Given that both Clint and Kate’s parent figures have a malicious relationship in the cartoon, Shaw could have Jack and Eleanor teaming up for some malicious plans. It’s up to the children to stop them.


Actor Fra Fee is reported to play Kazimierz “Kazimierz”, well known as Marvel’s villain Clown (not to be confused with Spawn’s villain). As far as the bad guys go, the clown is elegantly simple, but that doesn’t prevent him from being absolutely scary. Clowns are Polish assassins often used by powerful mob bosses. He sports the face of a white clown painted with a drop of tears and often wears a white trench coat where he finds red blood splattered. He stalks the target without saying a word and stares at the target with a non-blinking eye. And you thought the clown used to be creepy!

In the Hawkeye comics by Fraction and Aja, clowns are the best villains to help Russian gangsters fight Clint. I don’t want to potentially spoil what could happen at the show, but it’s enough to say that clowns are a tragic mark on Clint’s life, so support yourself when this sadistic creep appears. Please give me.

Maya Lopez-Echo

The newcomer, Alaqua Cox, is reportedly playing Maya Lopez, well known as the deaf Native American hero Echo. Echo made his debut as a supporting role in Daredevil and has a long history with Matt Murdock, but also has a strong bond with Hawkeye.

Echo is a master martial artist with the ability to instantly remember the movements of his opponents and use what she has learned from them. Her distinctive appearance features white-painted handprints throughout her face, in honor of her father, who was killed by Kingpin and left a bloody handprint on her face.

Echo is actually the original Ronin of the comic, another name for her secretly fighting the New Avengers for some time. Echo then handed over the mantle to the newly resurrected Clint Barton and eventually returned to Hawkeye. Perhaps the show’s echo reveals that she has a history with Clint, who gave him the guise of his ronin. Alternatively, the show reveals the origin of Echo and you can witness Clint giving her a Ronin cloak.

Aside from their connection through the Ronin, Echo may be part of the show, as Clint may adapt the story from the cartoon suffering from his hearing loss. This makes Echo a natural fit to help Clint and teach him how to adapt.

William Lopez-Maya’s Father

Actor Zahn McClarnon is reported to play William Lopez, known in the comics as Willie “Crazy Horse” Lincoln. William was killed by Kingpin, as mentioned when he created Maya’s profile. Kingpin is a tragic event that motivates her daughter to become a superhero echo. Needless to say, I don’t like the chance to survive to the end of the series.

Yelena Belova-New Black Widow?

Perhaps the most amazing casting news of the Hawkeye series is that Florence Pugh will replay her role as Jelena Belova from the next Black Widow movie. Everyone knows that the MCU loves crossovers, so it’s cool to know that superspy Jelena will appear in the series after the movie debut, but I’ve still seen the Black Widow movie. It’s hard to say how she takes into account the story because there isn’t. Clint and Natasha were close friends, and the ongoing theory is that Jelena takes the Black Widow cloak in honor of her fallen Red Room sister. Seeing Clint’s reaction to it is a rich superhero drama that makes just like a great TV.

Luke-Pizza Dog

In the comic, Clint and Kate take a pizza-loving dog. Fans affectionately call him Lucky the Pizza Dog. His name was clearly changed to the pizza dog Luke, but the dog was found in a set with Steinfeld. But whatever his name is, the fact remains that he is a very good boy.

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