Who participated in the Halo Infinite test? Is Ascent finally a killer cyberpunk game? -Not a VG247 podcast video chat # 6

Alex Donaldson
July 30, 2021 15:36 GMT

Hello readers. For some reason, another week has passed and it’s Friday again. So it’s time to introduce a non-podcast video chat series before knocking off for the weekend.

This is the sixth episode we’ve done so far, and we don’t have a proper name yet, but who counts?

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wait. That is us. I’m counting.

Anyway, this week’s episode features Drani, Alex, and Sheriff. This handsome trio is chatting about the week. For some reason, I don’t have time to talk about the proper name for this feature. Someday we will get closer to it … someday. If you have a name idea about when this would be a good podcast, let us know in the comments.

In the episode, we’ll talk about all the games we’ve played last week, including Pokemon Unite, Ascent, Ace Attorney Chronicles, and Final Fantasy 1-3 Pixel Remasters.

Also, let me tell you a little bit about this week’s news. We’ll talk about upcoming Halo Infinite multiplayer technical testing, a terrible ongoing revelation about Activision Blizzard, and the establishment of a new blockbuster studio, That’s No Moon.

If you want to know about plans for the coming weeks and months of this show, check out the full release date page for video games. Otherwise, see this – see you next week!

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Who got into the Halo Infinite test? Is The Ascent finally a killer cyberpunk game? – VG247’s Definitely Not a Podcast Video Chat #6

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