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The most expensive cornerback landscape in NFL It has changed dramatically in recent years. Who is the most expensive CB in the NFL? Which other cornerback is closing the top 10 in that position?

NFL’s Most Expensive Cornerback | 6-10

Which cornerback is in the bottom half of the top 10 average annual value (AAV)?

10) William Jackson, Washington Football Team | AAV: $ 13.5 Million

William Jackson joined the list of the highest CBs in 2021 when he signed a three-year contract with the Washington Football Team worth $ 40.5 million. Jackson spent five seasons in Cincinnati, but only played four seasons. He missed the entire rookie season after tearing his pectoral muscles during the camp. In his four years in Cincinnati, Jackson diverted 41 passes and escaped with three pass cuts.

In each of the last three seasons, he allowed a completion rate of less than 60%. Jackson sometimes struggled to allow touchdown points, scoring a total of 14 points when his opponent played against him in the last three seasons.But his low completion rate is that he Top options available during the 2021 free agency period..

T-8) Marcus Peters, Baltimore Ravens | AAV: $ 14 Million

Peters’ unmistakable talent, one of the NFL’s most annoying cornerbacks, ensures he’s one of the league’s most paid cornerbacks. Entering his seventh season, Peters has already traded twice and is playing in his third NFL franchise.

Nonetheless, Ravens has promised a three-year extension worth $ 42 million. That’s because in these six seasons he made impressive 31 intercepts and recorded 6 touchdowns. What’s more, Peters forced nine fumbles and tackled 299 times.

His allowed completion rate has exceeded 60% in two of the last three seasons, which is complemented by his ability to turn the ball over. Whenever a player can splash play with Peters, he is well paid.

T-8) Tray Waynes, Cincinnati Bengals | AAV: $ 14 Million

Replacing Jackson with Cincinnati is another previous first round choice at Trewaynes. Wayne spent five seasons in Minnesota before signing with Bengals in 2020. Like Jackson’s first season in Cincinnati, Wayne missed his first year with a chest injury. As a result, the three-year $ 42 million contract into 2021 has two years left.

Wayne will be under pressure this season. In his last season in Minnesota, he had a lot of trouble. In fact, he allowed 74% completion rate and 5 touchdowns in 2019. If these struggles become apparent again this season, Bengals will be able to terminate the deal for just $ 5 million in dead money.

7) James Bradberry, New York Giants | AAV: $ 14.5 Million

The New York Giants made James Bradberry one of the highest-paying NFL cornerbacks in 2020 after spending the first four years of his career in Carolina.

Bradbury defended 11 passcuts and 47 passes during his time in North Carolina. But what really stood out was his completion rate, which allowed him to sit at 210 targets at 51% in his last two seasons. In addition, in his final season in Carolina, he allowed 97 targets a single touchdown.

Bradbury had a good first year in New York, but needs to be successful again in 2021. If he struggles, the Giants could leave him and leave only $ 7 million in dead money in 2022.

6) Xavien Howard, Miami Dolphins | AAV: $ 15.1 million

The Miami Dolphins did not drive Zabien Howard out of town after choosing Zabien Howard in the second round of 2016. Howard, Five-Year $ 75.3 Million Contract 2019 is the final year of his new contract. That extension fell behind Howard, who led the league in interception at 7 in 2018. In 2020, he surpassed that number by 10 and led the league again.

Howard was also impressed with the 2018 and 2020 coverage. Over 164 targets, Howard allowed only 85 completions and posted impressive numbers everywhere except touchdowns were allowed (9). One element of Howard’s plot is the lack of protection he has in his contract. The dolphin was able to free him after the 2021 NFL season with only $ 2.8 million in dead money.

NFL’s Most Expensive Cornerback | 2-5

Which CB is in the top 5 with the highest payments in that position?

5) Byron Jones, Miami Dolphins | AAV: $ 16.5 Million

Howard’s criminal partner is Byron Jones, a different style of cornerback. Howard led the league twice in interception, but Jones is only four in his six-year career. Jones had a strong career in Dallas, allowing a total of five touchdowns in the last two seasons, with a completion rate of just over 50%.

Jones’ first year in Miami was even harder as he allowed five touchdowns and a completion rate of over 60%. If he does not improve in 2021, he could be released at a dead money cost of only $ 4.2 million prior to the 2022 season.

4) Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles | AAV: $ 16.7 million

Darius Slay is another cornerback that brings many excellent characteristics to the table. In his seven years in Detroit, he has made 19 interceptions, including leading the league with 8 in 2017. After allowing 96 completions with 187 targets in the last two years with Lions, the Eagles did not hesitate to target him when he became available.

Philadelphia quickly extended the deal with a three-year, $ 50.1 million contract, ranking it as the highest cornerback in the NFL at the time. He had some hardships in 2020 with a completion rate of 76.7%. If he struggled again, if the Eagles released him, he would have to swallow $ 15.6 million in dead money.

3) Tre’Davious White, Buffalo Bills | AAV: $ 17.3 million

Tre’Davious White was temporarily taken over as the NFL’s most expensive CB for all three days. He signed a four-year $ 69 million contract extension in 2020 and remained in Buffalo until 2025. The agreement includes a total guarantee of $ 55.3 million, with a guarantee of $ 36.7 million at the time of signing.

The white numbers speak for themselves. He has intercepted 15 times in four years and is leading the league in the 2019 interception. In each of the last three years, the allowed completion rate has fallen below 57%, during which only six touchdowns have been allowed.

2) Marlon Humphrey, Baltimore Ravens | AAV: $ 19.5 Million

Marlon Humphrey was straight into second place on the list of the highest cornerbacks when he signed a five-year, $ 97.5 million deal. The pick of the previous first round lived somewhat in the shadow of his more headlined partner at Peters.

He had only eight passcuts in his career, but last season he was forced to fumble eight times.Humphrey and Peters have made a great combination and are ranked third in the professional football network. Ranking of cornerback duo entering 2021..

Humphrey is a great player just because he is willing to follow receivers on the field. He is lined up outside or in slots as needed. Doing that and still being one of the best players in the league is a great indicator of how talented he is.

Who is the most expensive cornerback in the NFL?

Which CB will take the NFL’s highest paid crown in terms of AAV?

1) Jalen Ramsey, Los Angeles Rams | AAV: $ 20 Million

The· Highest-ranked cornerback in PFN’s Top 25 CB, Jalen Ramsey is also the league’s highest paid CB. Following the trade, the fifth overall NFL draft selection in 2016 signed a five-year $ 100 million contract extension before the start of the 2020 NFL season.

Ramsey was a slightly depressed year in 2019, but allowed a 66% completion rate. Nonetheless, he bounced back to its best in 2020, enabling a 51% completion rate and two touchdowns when he reached his goal.

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Who will be the most expensive cornerback in the NFL in 2021? Who will be the most expensive cornerback in the NFL in 2021?

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