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Money Heist, Also Casa de Papel Known in his native Spain, this Friday he will premiere the second half of the fifth season. Netflix Money Heist People are obsessed with twists and turns, so it’s become more popular and has made waves internationally.

An organized (and less organized) crime professor and his irreplaceable team of professionals have become a modern Robin Hood fairy tale. The robbery vs. the Spanish government caused a full-scale war. But this war would not happen without influence.

The Money Heist crew worked together to plan and strategy, complete plans, endanger lives, fall in love, hide from government in remote parts of the world, and experience death. Plans to steal money from national banks are always risky.

Death in tokyo

NS Death that shocked everyone At the heart of them was the fan’s favorite Tokyo (Ursula Corbello) Who Die in Part 5: Volume 1. About Netflix Money Heist, USA Today explained “Part 1 focused on Tokyo and her backstory leading up to the unexpected death by Cesar Gandía (Jose Manuel Poga).”

The robbery must continue as the world has been devastated by losing the team’s core character. Tokyo will return to Part 2 with narration from the afterlife, and the gang will return to business in mourning the loss. They continue to withdraw money from the Bank of Spain while the professor is doing his best to bring the rest of the crew back to life.

While the voice of Tokyo telling the story delights the viewer’s ears, Her existence is lost May her crew successfully take the money.

USA Today summarizes: The moment of light at the end of the tunnel. The professor finds and checks in his cell phone while running with Sierra and her newborn baby. He overcame his emotions when he heard they were extracting gold well. “

Twist & Turn

It’s not just the death of Tokyo that happened on Netflix. Money Heist. According to Decider, “Professor and inspector Alicia Sierra have ceasefired. Alicia (Naiwanimuri) was doing everything for her. She tied up the professor, and she managed to do the same with the duo sent to save him. But when her water broke, it all changed. She released the professor, so he was able to save her baby. Note: Of course, the professor knows how to give birth to a baby. “

In summary, Alicia Sierra inspector releases the professor to save her baby, H.Helsinki was trapped under a marble pillar, and Stockholm (Esther Acebo) had to amputate the child’s father, Auturo (Enrique Arce), as well as kill him.Denver At risk of relationship And Rio just lost the love of his life.

First 5 episodes of Money Heist Part 5 shows a series of flashbacks and goes into the backstory of many characters. The topic is that Part 2 connects many loose ends of the show and delves into the personal story of our beloved gold robbery / crime planning team.


Whether you like it or hate it, Netflix Money Heist I know how to get the viewer involved. Fans are hoping that there is somehow a twist to bring Tokyo back from death, but now it seems like we have to say goodbye. Money Heist Not for the timid. It’s a smart and intriguing show. It’s full of twists and turns — get their fans to pay the utmost attention. It’s like a student listening to a professor.

Who will die in “Money Heist”? That’s why I hate the Netflix Series Finale – Film Daily

https://filmdaily.co/news/money-heist-finale/ Who will die in “Money Heist”? That’s why I hate the Netflix Series Finale – Film Daily

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