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Usually by this time on the calendar MLB hot stove Already cooked with at least some major free agent signatures and off-season deals. But this year? Not so many.

While waiting for the movement to recover, we asked a panel of experts to comment on what was to come. Who will be the busiest team when things finally get hot? Which player is set to cash in? And what will happen to the 2021 season when MLB tries to return to normal after shortening the 2020 campaign?

Here’s how 20 MLB team executives and baseball insiders answered these questions and more.

Which team will make the biggest splash of the off-season?

According to the survey: Mets 12, Angel 4, Giants 2, White Sox 2

Christmas is usually late to ask this question, but this year the timing is right. It is clear that the center of the hot stove season extends to the New Year.

Some teams like the White Sox and the Braves got off to a good start in off-season shopping, but most teams still have a lot to do, including the team most often mentioned by experts. There is.catcher James McCann It may just be the beginning of winter spending for Mets under the new owner Steve Cohen.

What about the teams chosen outside of Mets?

“Angels know their mission,” said a rare voter outside of New York. “Let’s [new GM] Perry Minsian heard all the stories Mike Trout There is no playoffs. Let’s say this. They won’t stop. “

will Trevor Bauer Do you want to sign for one year or have a multi-year contract?

According to the survey: Multi-year contract 14, 1-year contract 6

Sent by NL Cy Young Winners A few There are various signals on this topic, but most respondents believe he will be a team in the long run. One of Bauer’s emphasis has been on wanting to play for candidates each season, is it likely that he will sign a contract to keep him in one place for over 50 years? ??

“He’s a cheeky man,” said one voter who thought Bauer would sign for just a year. “And next year I could see the purse string open, so I think he’s betting on himself to get a better overall deal next offseason.”

Many of the games say DJ LeMahieu Return to the Yankees and at least have a chance JT Real Mute Where are the other best hitters on the market as we return to Phillies? George Springer ――After all?

According to the survey: Mets 13, Blue Jays 5, Giants 2

It’s no wonder that Mets appears here in a big way. They have been linked to Springer since the day Cohen acquired the team. The Blue Jays are also continuing conversations with executives, admitting that Toronto is trying to persuade famous players to cross the border.

The Giants, on the other hand, are a sleeping car team. They laid a good foundation in 2020, but there’s something to do to compete with the Padres and Dodgers in the top-heavy NL West.

“In this regard, if Mets wants him, they’ll catch him,” said one voter. “When did you say that about them before?”

Who will be trading this offseason: Francisco Lindeau, Kris Bryant, Both or neither?

According to the survey: Lindor 11, both 9

Executives often say how difficult it is to make a successful deal, given that many do not reach the finish line. So it’s interesting that no one has taken the easy way with this question. All voters believe that at least Linz will be moved. Both Lindor and Bryant have only one season left until the free agent, so in any case, both may have new addresses by 2022 at the latest.

“I think it’s pretty obvious-it’s Mike Clevinger -Indians intend to move Linz. Of course, it was partly because of what happened outdoors. For Lindor, it’s a question of when and where it happens. “

Who is most likely to be overpaid this winter?

According to the survey: Liam Hendriks 3, Alex Colomé 3, Jose Quintana 2, James McCann, Trevor Bauer, Tommy La Stella

Some may find it interesting that the two closers have taken the lead, but knowing the volatility of rescuers can make it difficult for even proven people to discuss the consequences.

It was a little surprising to see Bauer voting, with only two batters appearing in the response. However, Cy Young winners can be overpaid like everyone else. Time tells stories in this category.

Two-part question: Do you think spring training will start on time and baseball will play 162 regular season games?

According to the survey: Start on time-Yes 8, No 12. Play 162-Yes 10, No 10.

If you’re wondering what the 2021 season will look like, you’re not alone. Even the ones in the game are uncertain. With the NHL and NBA playing shorter seasons, MLB stays in the territory of potential. But while baseball hasn’t had that problem since the World Series ended in October, like last season, those leagues are still recovering from the 2020 calendar changes.

Nevertheless, spring training is currently scheduled to begin in February, long before vaccination becomes widely available. Therefore, there is uncertainty among executives.

One voter said, “Check both checkboxes,” and answered “no” in the spring and “yes” to 162. “In the spring, as vaccinations increase, the pandemic calms down a bit. It’s time to put in 162.”

“There will be a lot of 7-inning doubleheaders in 162 games,” said another voter.

Is Universal DH here forever?

According to the survey: Yes 18, No 2

Apparently, not many people are following MLB’s advice that the team needs to prepare for 2021 as if there were no DH in the National League. This decision could be made as part of a large-scale negotiation that includes everything from playoff expansion, roster size, and other rule changes to next year’s CBA. Most people think the DH could be back in full, but the team is moving slowly (very dissatisfied with some agents) until the final decision is made in 2021.

“Probably good for the consistency of this difficult and uncertain era,” said one voter at AL. “I’ve always been a fan of National League games [though].. “

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Who will spend a lot of money? Will Lindor or Bryant be traded? Weighted by GM and insiders Who will spend a lot of money? Will Lindor or Bryant be traded? Weighted by GM and insiders

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