Why Abandoned PS5 for Xbox Series S – Reader Features

Is it better than the Xbox Series S-PS5?

Readers who own both PS5 and PS5 The Xbox Series S explains why it’s Sony’s more powerful machine that collects dust.

I’ve never owned an Xbox before, and except for the four-week fling a few years ago, I borrowed my friend’s Xbox 360 and tried Fable, but never actually played it.

Like many gamers, I continued to use PlayStation 1 and made an early choice. I don’t think I’m a PlayStation fan myself, but like any other brand advocate, I’m happy to share it with someone who listens to my love for consoles and games. Am I happy when Sony seemed to win the console war battle with the PlayStation 4? Of course, who doesn’t want to verify life choices in any way?

My decision to stick to Sony was deeply rooted in games and monopolies, which turned into nostalgia for years. From Metal Gear, Final Fantasy and Gran Turismo to modern classics like Uncharted and The Last of Us, they all made memories as I progressed.

And if the game wasn’t enough, I was back even further with the introduction of the trophy on the PlayStation 3. Suddenly I made a personal investment. If you want to switch, do you really throw away the glorious collection of trophies and the years of crushing spent on them? Not your Nelly!

It takes me to this current turning point, the next generation console. I was always trying to get a PlayStation 5 (and fortunately I pre-ordered it on Amazon and launched it), and at the same time I didn’t even consider the Xbox Series X.

But wait, what is this? With the £ 250 next-generation console and the Xbox Games Pass Ultimate, can I access the many games I’ve heard acclaimed by my Xbox friends? In addition, it was released over a week ago. This was what I thought was a regrettable spending. If I didn’t like it, I could always sell it.

So why do you notice that you are playing the Xbox Series S even though you have a PlayStation 5? !! It’s a simple answer that has been in front of me all the time: games, games, games. We have just opened up a new world of content that has never been seen before. Stay engaged and enjoyable with fresh gameplay.

Yes, there are pitfalls that it’s a fast, 4K-enabled machine, but it’s these unexplored games that fascinated me, and for the same reason the PlayStation 5 hasn’t done it for me yet: it’s the most Maybe it’s a hot launch line-I’ve posted it so far on the release date, but none of these titles excite me. The situation might have been different if Cyberpunk 2077 had been released at launch.

So it feels like I’m here to trick my girlfriend into playing Forza, Gears Tactics, Ori and more. This fling is short-lived and more great games will be released (most of them will be released in 2021), but for now, I’m enjoying my time on the Xbox, even if I feel a little bit. I will. Guilty about it. At the very least, I know the PlayStation 5 is ready and waiting to come back.

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Why I abandoned my PS5 for an Xbox Series S – Reader’s Feature

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