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Why am I buying cheap UK stocks on ISA and ignoring CashISA and buy-to-let?

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Stocks, the value of stocks, and dividend income can rise as well as fall, and because they are not guaranteed, you may regain less than you invested. Don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose, or rely on dividend income to cover your living expenses. Shares listed on foreign exchanges may be subject to additional transaction and exchange rate rates, administrative fees, withholding taxes, different accounting and reporting standards, and have other tax implications. It may not provide the same or no regulatory protection. Currency billing can adversely affect the value of stocks in British pounds, and even if the stock price rises in the original currency, you can lose money in British pounds. Performance statistics that do not adjust for exchange rate changes can result in inaccurate real returns for pound sterling-based UK investors.

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Why am I buying cheap UK stocks on ISA and ignoring CashISA and buy-to-let? Why am I buying cheap UK stocks on ISA and ignoring CashISA and buy-to-let?

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