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Former WWE superstar Jeet Rama criticizes how WWE introduces Indians on television.

Jeet Rama was one of the dozens of superstars released by WWE earlier this year. While at work, he was primarily working on 205 Live, but faced AJ style at Superstar Spectacle earlier this January.

Lama now sat down and talked Sports Keeda Wrestling, So he talked about time with the company and how he wasn’t happy with certain aspects of WWE.

He knew that WWE was a business that needed to make a decision, but wasn’t happy with how WWE portrayed their Indian superstars as heels, pushing them to the crowd.

“WWE is a business after all. I can’t tell them to make business decisions around me. They’re doing what they think is right from a business perspective. But why are you? Do you take Indian WWE wrestlers … why are they always making heels? Why are we only presented as villains? Why are the audience there making them? Do we have to insult and behave in a way that encourages them? “Lama expressed.

Lama went on to explain that making money while Ge was misrepresenting his country didn’t work with him.

“My soul couldn’t be peaceful because of the fact that I was making money by misrepresenting my country. When I wrestled at a WWE live event in Delhi a few years ago. , I saw an Indian audience booing Ginder Mahal. If the audience in your home isn’t rooting for Ginder Mahal, is there any serious problem? At some level, when I go to WWE, I We Indians have to compromise. This is the weakness I want to remove. “

Rama also discussed how aspiring Indian wrestlers would like to create a platform for developing and establishing characters before moving on to major promotions such as AEW and WWE.

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“Why are we only presented as villains?” •• “Why are we only presented as villains?” ••

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