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The reason you can’t get a McDonald’s at McDonald’s on a normal day is because their ice cream machines are “under maintenance”. But today, there may not even be employees operating machines. McDonald’s strikes are taking place in 15 cities across the United States. McDonald’s strikes are taking place in 15 cities across the United States. Therefore, if the drive-through line moves slower than usual, you can blame the low wages of the fast food chain.

We also believe that it is possible to blame workers on strike for dare to demand higher wages. But before we take responsibility for the whole business of “where is my McFlurry?”, I think we need to find out what’s going on. Yeah, let’s do that. Let’s see what’s happening with this McDonald’s strike-and does it come with a side of french fries?


Your local McDonald’s payments will vary depending on where you live, but start with the current federal minimum wage of $ 7.25 per hour. This is up to $ 13,920 per year for McDonald’s full-time employees, excluding tax. Currently, there are no two-bedroom apartments anywhere in the country for that amount, according to the National Union of Low-income Housing.

But what about a one-bedroom apartment? Oh, you can afford it. .. .. According to NLIHC, in 5% of US counties – repeat. once upon a time, Federal minimum wage I don’t see this kind of statistics because it increased in response to inflation, but it stopped long ago. For reference, if the minimum wage was catching up with inflation, it is estimated to be $ 24 an hour today.

But McDonald’s workers on strike today aren’t demanding $ 24 an hour. They are demanding $ 15 per hour. This is a battle that has been involved since 2012. When the $ 15 battle began, a minimum wage and union rights of $ 15 were required. Today, the movement spans more than 300 cities on six continents and was chosen on May 19, 2021 to make McDonald’s listen to their demands.


Now, as mentioned earlier, some McDonald’s pay more than other McDonald’s. But McDonald’s doesn’t pay $ 15 an hour. Therefore, Max Strikes taking place in Los Angeles, Auckland, Sacramento, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, St. Louis, Houston, Milwaukee, and other cities. But even in places unaffected by strikes, McDonald’s still has problems with store staffing due to the amount of money they pay (or rather). Do not pay).

The situation is so desperate in some parts of McDonald’s that stores must be creative about how to attract new employees. essence Florida’s 60 McDonald’s franchise owners report offering $ 50 to anyone who would. Appear in a job interview.. And there was a store in Fayetteville, North Carolina, offering a $ 500 contract to new employees.

But what is the official McDonald’s reaction to all of this?by Deputy, The United States of McDonald’s issued the following statement. “Our primary responsibility lies with the hard-working restaurant crew, who respect and appreciate their dedication to servicing millions of customers each day.” It’s a good start. .. .. ..

The statement continues as follows: “It is the responsibility of the federal and local governments to set the minimum wage, and if there is a change, thousands of hard-working restaurant employees and 2,000 independent owners of McDonald’s who run small businesses / We can accept dialogue to meet the needs of the operator. ” Ohno.

Meanwhile, Fight for $ 15 posted a tweet that attacked the issue from another angle a few days ago. “There is no reason for McDonald’s to stagnate about raising all wages to $ 15 an hour. Made nearly $ 5 billion in profits last year. They will be fine, we are having a hard time. “

— —

The McDonald’s strike was strategically launched one day before the company’s annual shareholders meeting. Will McDonald’s change shape after shareholders evaluate the situation tomorrow? Or is the McFlurry machine still under maintenance, so to speak? You’ll know right away.

Why are workers in a hurry to work in the United States? – Film Daily

https://filmdaily.co/news/mcdonalds-strike/ Why are workers in a hurry to work in the United States? – Film Daily

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