Why Conker’s Bad Fur Day never got a sequel

First you need to know it Conker’s Bad Fur Day It wasn’t a big sales success.In fact, the game Huge sales failure This is due to Nintendo spending a lot of money trying to eventually market to a small audience, the game being released at the end of the N64 run, and retail blowbacks in some markets. This is due to possible restrictions on the availability of titles on.

Immediately after Conker’s Bad Fur DayWith the release of (September 2002 to be exact), Rare was acquired by Microsoft. Just as a rare “fall” usually dates back to this moment, Conker’s Bad Fur DayThe sequel to is usually blamed for the simple idea that Microsoft killed the concept. To be fair, it is strongly suggested that the company was not very interested in the sequel. At least not as interested as the most enthusiastic fans.

However, there are some things in the description that are not summed up.First of all, Microsoft was clearly fully interested Concur Properties that allow Rare to develop a fairly substantial remake of the original game and release it on Xbox in 2005 Concur: Live & Reloaded.. Again, the report reports that the remake underperformed in terms of sales, but it’s still one of the earliest projects Rare worked on for Microsoft, and the idea that the franchise will somehow continue. Tends to indicate that they are accepting.

In addition, there seems to be a lot of work done Conker’s Bad Fur Day A sequel at some point.Former rare designer Chris Siever Tweeted once Artwork, plot details, and all other concepts, Conker’s Bad Fur Day Known as the sequel Other bad days in Conker.. The game, which would have been loosely picked up from where it was first interrupted, appears to follow a gameplay structure similar to the original title, but has greatly expanded the myth of the series. The moment of the early story of the sequel would have “killed” Concur just to revive Panther King and let him take over Concur Doppelganger. Everything we’ve heard about this sequel suggests that it would have been absolutely wild.

This isn’t the first time the studio has worked on a game that has never been released, but when you look at all the material and all the details that the team once seemed to have created in preparation for the sequel, they get into the game. I felt that it was more than just optimism. Sure, they must have talked to Microsoft about making that sequel, right?

In fact, they obviously did. In fact, Interview with , Seavor talked about some of the work that went into that sequel. Here’s what he had to say about the project:

Why Conker’s Bad Fur Day never got a sequel

https://www.denofgeek.com/games/conkers-bad-fur-day-sequel-canceled-explained-history/ Why Conker’s Bad Fur Day never got a sequel

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