Why critics hated the best showmen (and why they’re wrong)

I hate critics Greatest Showman When released in 2017, but the movie’s overwhelming word-of-mouth success and undeniably catchy soundtrack PT Barnum Musical hit. The film started with overwhelming box office revenue following universal bread from critics, but almost doubled it by the second weekend-and it was a record blockbuster and massive. It continued to grow until it became a commercial success.It’s clear after becoming one of the highest-selling movie musicals ever Greatest Showman Beyond that serious failure, it had a broad appeal and an enthusiastic fan base.

Greatest Showman An original musical inspired by the life of PT Barnum, starring Hugh Jackman.Nevertheless Jackman is mainly related to his role as Wolverine In the X-Men film series, he made a successful career in the musical theater. Since playing Curly in the 1998 West End production Okurahoma!, Starring as Jean Valjean in the adaptation of the 2012 Tom Hooper movie Les Miserables..Hugh Jackman Greatest Showman It was created, participated in the project in 2009, and supported its production until the 2017 premiere.Following the mainstream success of Hamilton, Proved that musicals can gain mainstream popularity outside of Broadway. La la landThe world is finally ready to seize the opportunity, proving that the original musical can have significant and commercial success at the box office. Greatest Showman..

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Expectations for the film were strong, including the idea that there was something needed to be a serious candidate for the Academy Awards, but critics’ universal bread in the film meant that enthusiasm soon diminished. Did. Criticism of the film included the idea that the film was shallow and submerged and did not actually cover PT Barnum’s life in a true or fulfilling way. Greatest Showman A major commercial failure for the studio – a fate similar to what the later musical Tom Hooper experienced Cat.. The movie got a lot of bad reviews, but it was a huge success through word of mouth and a lot of enthusiastic fans.But why did critics really hate it? Greatest ShowmanAnd why did they make it so wrong?

Critics undoubtedly hated the catchy soundtrack

This is me from The Greatest Showman

Even the toughest critics of the film were willing to admit songs written by songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. Dear Evan Hansen When La la landIt was a catchy earworm.The Greatest Showman’s music was powerful and pop-inspired, unlike what Pasek and Paul originally wrote. Boxing risk La la landStrongly influenced by old-fashioned Hollywood musicals such as Sing in the rain.. An important factor that critics didn’t enjoy was that PT Barnum’s serious story (many of which had its darkest parts omitted) was watered down with saccharin pop music, scoring historical drama to the pop soundtrack. It was doubled by the choice. However, the Greatest Showman’s music was loved by the audience, who could dance it wildly and turned the movie soundtrack into a hit. Four weeks later, it reached number one on the Billboard charts and became a best-selling soundtrack. 2018. Even critics have an outstanding song “this is me“I was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Music.

NS song of Greatest Showman Designed to sing together, it was successful across demographics-most musicals never achieve it. Critics argued that music is too vulgar and mainstream, while truly wonderful musical theaters should be kept to a higher standard.But the success of Broadway musicals Dear Evan Hansen Also HamiltonProving that musicals can invade mainstream culture and be very successful, Greatest Showman Strengths, not weaknesses. The soundtrack proved to be especially popular with teenagers who helped make the movie a success by flooding social media with song covers.

The main criticism of New Disney + releaseThe music was about an eclectic mix of saccharin styling and genres, but that alone made the album a success. The broad musical influence meant that something had happened to everyone.Like the mainstream popularity of Hamilton Soundtrack-again, against genre conventions, mixing era settings with modern influences- Greatest Showman Deviating from standard show tune, it was overwhelmingly successful.It did so in a fuss that was called the second album of the cover by the pop star. Best Showman: Rethink -Added new interest and made it even more successful with the original numerical charts.

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Pillioried’s decision to simplify Burnham’s history improved the story

The biggest criticism of Greatest Showman It was to whiten the story of PT Barnum and his controversial history, supporting a comprehensive message and broader appeal-criticism has also been leveled out. Hamilton Since its release on Disney +. Both musicals tell the story of a controversial historical figure, simplify the story and obtain artistic permission. Hamilton We need to break through the complex political history In a digestible package, and Greatest Showman Treat PT Barnum as a mythical figure rather than a historical figure, and use his life as a framing device to tell a story about inclusion and acceptance.

Critics blamed the movie musical, Greatest Showman It was never sold as legitimate in light of PT Barnum’s legacy, but it’s a fun and flashy musical about acceptance and creativity.Criticize Greatest Showman Due to its historical accuracy, it lacks the gist of the film. The movie was nothing more than an escapist fantasy with a killer soundtrack and a visually rich design.

Ironically, Baz Luhrmann’s 2001 movie-Musical Moulin rouge! Was praised for the same reason Greatest Showman We wrapped a simple story in a stylish, over-the-top package to create a series of stunning music set pieces and stitched them together to form the bare minimum of plots.in the meantime Greatest Showman I failed to critically consider PT Barnum, but viewers loved it because it was exactly what was promised.

Critics called it Corney (but that’s the point)

Musical theaters have long been despised for their inherent keratin and are clearly not cool.Broadway’s reputation Destructiveness HamiltonDiverse castingOr the acclaimed resurrection Okurahoma! 2019.instead Greatest Showman Accept all the conventions of the genre and celebrate it with a megawatt smile and kickline.A subplot of the movie about villain-only critics who hate Burnham’s circus because it’s not a serious theater almost winks at critics and reveals it Greatest Showman We are determined to be a broad, fugitive film about the expression of joy.

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Escapists believe that escapism is part of their love.In the middle of Prestige TV, and darker and more on the same weekend Controversial Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Greatest Showman It was a candy-coated, family-friendly escape. It was helped by that optimistic message about facing a sneaky and wealthy villain, literally pulling yourself up with your bootstrap. The opening while the American audience faced historical income inequality meant that anyone could be identified as PT Barnum and his vulnerable band.Critics missed the mark above Greatest Showman It was a bright and bright movie that didn’t take it seriously. The audience accepted the film for its heartfelt expression of joy.

maximum Showman It was never considered as an accusation of PT Barnum’s heritage, or a stunning artistic expression intended to overturn the expectations of the audience.Critics despised the movie for failing to live up to its expectations Greatest Showman Do not set. Instead, it succeeds because it accomplishes exactly what it’s trying to do: to a buoyant soundtrack that provides a lustrous and fantastic escape from reality and is impossible not to sing along with. Set. Greatest Showman I promised the audience an infectious film about good people celebrating inclusion and creativity, and that’s exactly what they got and what fans discovered anew. Disney + Also get.

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