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On Monday, a British judge decided that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange would not be handed over to the United States. He has been charged with espionage and the United States wants him to be sentenced. However, Assange is currently being held at Belmarsh Prison in London, awaiting a bail hearing on Wednesday.

Judge Vanessa Barreizer said it was “repressive” to hand over Assange to the United States, given Assange’s state of mind. She said the process could take years, but he was more likely to commit suicide if sent to the United States, where the United States confirmed that the decision would be appealed. There is still the possibility that President Donald Trump will pardon Assange before his term expires, but there is no sign that he will.

Shortly after Barreizer announced her decision, the Mexican president offered Assange’s asylum.President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) said the founders of WikiLeaks have “protection.”

Assange as a journalist

“Assange is a journalist and deserves a chance. I agree with forgiving him,” Lopez Obrador said at a press conference. “We protect him.”

Journalists, Assange’s attorneys, and various human rights groups also stated that they were acting as journalists when Assange published the content on WikiLeaks. They claim that Assange’s first amendment to free speech was violated by the United States after prosecuting him.

On Monday, Assange’s attorney called Assange’s US indictment “extraordinary, unprecedented, and politicized.”If he was handed over, he would Face up to 175 years in prison..

WikiLeaks crime

Assange has been charged with a total of 18 charges since 10 years ago. Of the accusations, 17 were espionage and one was computer misuse. Pricing returns to some of Assange’s posts on WikiLeaks.

10 years ago, Assange I posted a video on WikiLeaks It showed that a US military helicopter had killed Iraqi civilians. WikiLeaks also leaked a document from former intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning.

Julian Assange’s history of asylum

Assange accepts Lopez Obrador’s offer, Go to Mexico for asylum, That wouldn’t be his first time. Assange was in exile for almost a decade after the 2010 WikiLeaks legal issue.

He was arrested in London in 2010 after Sweden accused him of sexually assaulting two women. Assange asked the Ecuadorian embassy for asylum so that he would not have to go to Sweden. He was there from 2012 to 2019.

As Ecuador’s political leadership changed, Assange was expelled from the embassy for violating the conditions of asylum. British police arrested him as soon as he was released from the embassy, ​​and he has been detained ever since.

Lopez Obrador’s remarks

When Lopez Obrador announced plans to provide Assange asylum, he said Mexico’s “tradition is protection.” Obrador also Trump gives Assange complete forgiveness.. He said he was pleased that the delivery was denied by the judge.

“It’s a victory of justice. I congratulate Britain for acting this way,” said Lopez Obrador. He said he would ask Foreign Minister Marcelo Evlad to begin preparing the documents needed for the asylum of the founder of WikiLeaks.

by ReutersLopez Obrador endorsed Assange, who revealed “authoritarian” work around the world. He also said Assange’s condition after his arrest was comparable to “torture.”

Lopez Obrador’s Past on Freedom of Speech

The Lopez Obrador government has been scrutinized in the past regarding the treatment of asylum seekers. Lopez Obrador strengthened Mexico’s border security after Trump’s rhetoric on illegal immigrants gained momentum.

In addition, Mexico is the most common, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. A dangerous place for journalists In the Western Hemisphere. Because of his WikiLeaks work, Assange has long been called a journalist.

Lopez Obrador is also facing criticism for attempts to limit press freedom. If Assange accepts the offer to go to Mexico, he must also take into account the fact that Lopez Obrador’s term ends in 2024. If Lopez Obrador is voted, it may change Assange’s ability to continue asylum in the country.

Why did AMLO offer asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange? – Film Daily

https://filmdaily.co/news/julian-assange-wikileaks-amlo/ Why did AMLO offer asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange? – Film Daily

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