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Mesut Özil Officially presented to the world as Fenerbahce Athletes, the club he supported as a boy, after having him on Wednesday Arsenal The contract has expired.

2014 World Cup winner GermanyBorn and raised by Turkish immigrant parents, he met all the requirements for a decent player to announce: he had his three and a half year contract at the table in front of the huge coat of arms of his new club. Signed, in favor of the assembled media, and expressed his happiness in lifting and embarking on the club’s jersey.

“I’m so excited and so happy that I don’t know what to say,” Ozil said. “As club president [Ali Koc] It was a dream for Fenerbahce and a dream for me. It will be a great connection. I am very happy. Hopefully I want to help the team in the field with my talent.

“I hope the season will be successful as a team. I believe in Fenerbahce. I have always believed in Fenerbahce as a fan.”

Ozil’s former Gunners teammate Already decided who would get his old No. 10 shirt His new numbers are far less common behind footballers, even before his plane landed in Istanbul last week.

The iconic No. 10 worn at the age of 32 real Madrid And Arsenal have already been filmed in Fenerbahce by a striker Mubuwanasa MattaOzil raised the club’s yellow and blue striped jersey to reveal number 67 on his back.

That number is clearly what Ozil wanted. A mysterious tweet with a heart emoji Earlier this month he traveled to a Turkish city to complete his signature.

Ozil’s camp confirmed to ESPN that the unconventional choice was in favor of his Turkish heritage, especially his family’s hometown.

Zonguldak town on the northern Black Sea coast Turkey Zip code 67,000 is located approximately halfway between Istanbul and the capital Ankara. Ozil chose the abbreviated version because it’s impractical to put a five-digit number behind the jersey.

Not many players have made their own No. 67 shirts over the years, but Ozil is pleased to be able to play again in honor of his family as a 10-month bystander at Arsenal. I’m out.

ESPN’s senior soccer writer, James Olly, contributed to this report.

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Why did Mesut Ozil choose Fenerbahce Team No.67? Why did Mesut Ozil choose Fenerbahce Team No.67?

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