Why do Demon’s Souls players keep falling from this ledge?


screenshot: PlayStation Studios / Bluepoint Games / Kotaku

There are many ways to die in Demon’s Soul Remake. Believe me, the move to PlayStation 5 didn’t make this game any more forgiving. But I can’t help but wonder what’s going on with this one shelf in the Tower of Latria where players can’t stop the fall.

I first encountered this shelf during the first playthrough. After grabbing an unobtrusive Ephemeral Eyes stone with a dangerous stone stick out, I noticed a bloodstain indicating that another player died there. Always seeking a little Schadenfreude, I activated Bloodstain and saw a record of the unfortunate player’s death. I started capturing from the PlayStation 5 menu. What happened:

You can see that she thought a little about it.
GIF: PlayStation Studios / Bluepoint Games / Kotaku

Wait … what? Did they just climb the shelves and roll down? Why do you do that? I quickly forgot everything as I was more embarrassed than amused and left the area, paying attention to overcoming the contradictions of shooting the arrows guarding the bridge and defeating false idols.

That was almost two weeks ago.I am currently running Demon’s Soul Even in the new game +, we are trying to finish it as soon as possible with a powerful character who uses magic.I returned to the Tower of Latria again, and as in the first time, noticed another blood stain nearby Same shelf. “What are the odds?” I thought of myself in anticipation of another kind of unfortunate accident. But behold, this player died just as well! What’s happening on that shelf?

I hope you didn’t have a lot of souls.
GIF: PlayStation Studios / Bluepoint Games / Kotaku

My guess is that people need to forget about it and press the circle button to get up on the shelf. Demon’s Soul, The character just steps into a specific small obstacle and climbs on it. But by the time they climb, the press of the circle button is already registered and comes out as a roll, causing them to plummet to fate.

Did you get fooled and fall off this shelf? Demon’s Soul?? Is my hypothesis correct? Someone let me know, it’s ridiculous to me.

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