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Why do I need to wear a mask when I have been infected with COVID-19? Who are you protecting? Can you really re-infect?

Dear Moneyist,

Why should I wear a mask when I’m already infected with COVID-19? I can’t infect anyone, I can’t infect anyone. Like everyone else, I hope the vaccine will help the infection rate and allow more people to get back to work. Who will you protect when you wear the mask? Can I re-infect?


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Dear Leroy,

Yes, I can.Recent research New England Journal of Medicine British healthcare professionals who were positive for immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies concluded that they were protected from coronavirus for the next 6 months. However, some people can subsequently re-infect, so medical professionals require everyone to wear a mask.

“It is unclear how well previously infected people are protected from a second infection. Whether post-infection immunity exists, how long it lasts, and whether it prevents symptomatic reinfection. Understanding how much it reduces its severity has a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, “the study found.Immunity May decline faster For some people.

Another reason: If one person is not wearing a mask, it can create a domino effect that guides others to relax their practice. They may not know that you have been infected with the virus within 6 months, which can result in other people being infected. The mask also acts as a deterrent to touching your face and helps remind people that the pandemic is not over. (It’s also the flu season.)

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said they were still assessing the risk of reinfection. Reinfection is relatively rare, but it is happening and the virus continues to spread and generate new mutations. Some of them are more contagious than previous strains. If people want to get back to work and the economy recover, wear masks and practice social distance.

William Hasertin, a scientist, biotechnology entrepreneur and infectious disease expert, Written for project syndication: “It should be assumed that none of the vaccines under development prevent infection or provide lifelong immunity. At best, they limit the symptoms of infected individuals and are serious. It will minimize the number of COVID-19 cases that progress to various diseases. “

“China has shown that standard measures such as forced masking, social distance, forced quarantine and quarantine can halve new infections in just two weeks,” he added. “In contrast, in countries such as Brazil, the United Kingdom and the United States, political leaders in each country were struggling to dismiss the threat and put together an appropriate response.”

Please wear a mask.Protect yourself And Others are safe.

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Why do I need to wear a mask when I have been infected with COVID-19? Who are you protecting? Can you really re-infect? Why do I need to wear a mask when I have been infected with COVID-19? Who are you protecting? Can you really re-infect?

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