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Just two days ago, former NFL quarterback and current analyst Dan Orlovsky jumped on the Pat McAfee show. NFL draft..When it comes to discussing Justin Fields, Orlovsky goes on to Say The stupidest thing I’ve heard throughout this draft cycle.

“One has heard that he’s the last man, the first man, the type of quarterback. Similarly, it’s not a maniac work ethic … the second thing … he wants to be a great quarterback. Where is his desire to be a big time athlete, as expressed to me, but where is his desire to be a great quarterback? And what’s great To do, you need to be willing to find what you are not good at and just grind them badly. “

Of course, it’s not just stupid. It is blatantly racist who emerges out of nowhere to blame the black quarterback for crude work ethic and lack of fire in his belly. As soon as the clip spread by word of mouth, almost everyone jumped on the train and called Orlovsky for this unfounded and offensive stereotype.

Orlovsky argued a day later:

“”So we had to dig deeper in the last 24 hours. I would like to have two conversations to clarify the situation or to explain the situation in more detail.One conversation I had was with an aggressive coach Ohio And he said, “Tell them that it’s definitely not true. That Justin Fields work ethic is spectacular. He’s a guy with a great football IQ and he’s always studying tapes. It means that it is. “

And the second conversation I had was with John Beck, who trained Justin on his way to a professional day. John had a really positive experience. For example, this guy is always working incredibly hard in the field. Even after finishing the drill in the field, he wants to follow up on different footwork and different throws. , And he had a very good experience. So the reality is that I’m hearing them from the team and they might feel that way, and this concludes the team potentially saying things to drop a guy on them It’s also the season to be, and I wanted to be right Justin Fields’ work ethic is excellent, seems to come from two people who worked directly with him, and heard more than the last 24 hours of digging. Please clarify and put it out there. “

So, after all, according to Justin Fields and the people who actually worked, he has a tremendous work ethic. That’s interesting!

Orlovsky got bad information from NFL sources and quickly turned it into a parrot on a large platform with little scrutiny. He admits that there was a source near Justin Fields and he didn’t even tap to find the basis for this claim. It’s embarrassing from a purely journalistic point of view, but the bigger impact is still much worse.

The NFL has the problem of racism. It always has.That racism affects the way the league works feast Former player, how to get into the league View Black quarterback. This is not a secret, and whenever reporters are informed by the league, they need to take into account this very realistic history.

Importantly, Dan Orlovsky is the latest in a long line of NFL commentary that acts as a mouthpiece for the league’s exaggerated issues.Is Patrick Mahomes not ready, is Lamar Jackson pressured to change positions, or Cam Newton UntrustedBlack quarterbacks have always been under their own supervision by the NFL when they graduated from college. By the way, all three have MVP.

As I said, none of this is new. The problem is that we continue to do this. Every year.Every year, it’s a new quarterback, “they don’t work hard” or “they don’t work hard” can not “Read defense” or “they are not leaders” or sometimes a combination of three. If the NFL chooses to believe it, it’s worth reporting the fact that the NFL has the same terrible belief in black quarterbacks for the 60th consecutive year. What is worthless is to report those issues uncritically and then hide behind objectivity to obscure the harm being done.

You don’t have to stop reporting what the NFL is saying. When the NFL “leaked” this information, they realized that it was operating on a variety of agendas, and the impact of these particular metaphors is very detrimental.

This isn’t difficult, but NFL draft commentators (and sports journalists in general) need to play an important role in tackling these topics. Otherwise, we will continue to focus on the same racist story year after year.

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Why do we make the point of racist talk about black quarterbacks parrots? Why do we make the point of racist talk about black quarterbacks parrots?

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