Why does the “Batman” trailer hide Riddler’s face?

Latest trailer Batman Shows far more movies than last year’s teaser. Starring Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne, Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman, Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon, Andy Serkis’ Alfred and more.But that is Do not show Paul DanoRiddler. He glanced at a little or far away. You look at his back, or profile, or reflexes. The trailer is cut out whenever his face is about to be revealed.

So what is the trailer hiding? Is Riddler’s identity more than visible?Or is there another DC Comics The villain of this movie kept as a surprise? Make a man in a striped prisoner costume Too Faced? Or a joker? And why doesn’t Barry Keoghan’s character appear on the screen at any point in the trailer?Hello Genuine Movie riddler?In our latest video Batman See all the clues about Riddler in this new trailer and try to understand why there are so many mysteries around the character. See it below:

If you like this video about Riddler’s mystery in the latest trailer BatmanCheck out more videos below, including a full breakdown Batman Trailer easter eggs, our analysis Zack Snyder Justice League, why Batman When Joker It may be set in the same universe. Moreover, ScreenCrush YouTube Channel.. Be sure to register to catch all upcoming episodes. Batman It is scheduled to open in the theater on March 4, 2022.

Batman: New image

Robert Pattinson will appear in the new imagination of “Recluse Rockstar” Batman at the beginning of Matt Reeves’ career.

Why does the “Batman” trailer hide Riddler’s face?

https://screencrush.com/why-does-the-batman-etrailer-hide-riddlers-face/ Why does the “Batman” trailer hide Riddler’s face?

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