Why Dragon Ball Super Wis becomes a fallen angel

Dragon Ball Super Wis is an angel attendant of Beerus, the god of destruction, but Wis certainly seems to have a lot of demonic qualities.

Dragon ball super Introducing the entire line of divinity to the Dragon Ball canon, many gods were attended by many angels like Wis. The feminine, angry Wis is bound by Beerus, the god of destruction, and does not seem to suffer from the constant tantrums of his Lord, often ending with Beerus wiping out the entire civilization. Wis isn’t even trying to prevent the genocide, so is he really a real angel or more fallen angel breed?

Wis and Beerus, the god of purple cats, were introduced early in the cartoon and stopped by Earth after Beerus became interested. Legend of the Super Saiyan God.. Goku angered the God of Destruction and stumbled, chose to fight Beerus, and hung the threat of extinction on Earth. Wis does nothing to disturb this and sits down and enjoys the food of the earth. He is benevolent at best, but Wis seems to have no problem with the extinction of all life by Beers.

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Beers has a malicious line, wantonly blows up the planet As is often the case, when mood hits him, he and Wis are both gourmets, so it’s easy to depend on the food. Wis rarely criticizes Beer’s behavior, but early in the cartoon, if the food offered is greasy, Beer will blow up half of the planet. Beerus mentioned earlier about the deliciousness of food, but decided to halve the planet anyway. Wis expressed concern, but not as much about the enormous loss of life as it was beyond the perceived injustice of the deal.

Wis seems to understand good and evil to some extent, but does not insert himself, or Beerus, into the battle that could end the frequent world where Goku finds himself. However, it turns out that this non-involvement rule is very flexible. Goku’s old nemesis Frieza returns to Earth in a whole new way as Golden Frieza (a copy of Goku’s Super Saiyan shape) and blows up the Earth. But Wis has reversed the time, Allow Vegeta to kill Frieza.. So is Wis a devil? Or is his morality flexible? His excuse for reversing time was to save delicious food on earth, but does he have a soft spot for more than juicy food?

Whis clearly has special knowledge, as Beerus often follows his escort expertise. And Wis is an experienced martial artist who trains Beers, Goku and Vegeta. His divine power does not matter. But his withdrawal attitude towards genocide as well as his aloof personality does not make him a very noble personality. And when Zenos, a (real?) God more than all other gods, decided to wipe out all life except the angels of the Multiverse, Wis betrayed the millennium he spent, Even if I rub it on the face of the universe, I’m still happy.

Angel of Dragon ball super We are bound by a code of conduct that requires us to be indifferent to our daily lives.So that makes sense Why is Wis so unfriendly.. But he often breaks that tradition by training Goku and Vegeta, saving the Earth, supporting the Earthlings, and showing concern for space if the Earth is threatened. He may not be a “good” angel, but he is certainly not a devil. He may pretend to be a separation, but Wis isn’t just protecting the food of the earth.

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Why Dragon Ball Super Wis becomes a fallen angel

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