Why Elden Ring isn’t in Soulsborne’s Top 3 games

Elden Ring-How good is it? (Photo: Namco Bandai)

A reader gives a verdict about Elden Ring after spending 60 hours completing the game and explains why he thinks it’s not one of the best of From.

Well, I know there’s a lot written about Elden Ring, but what’s the other one on the mountain? I’ve finally completed the Elden Ring, so I’m writing it. I think I summarize it as eight parts absolutely wonderful, and two parts thank God I ended up with it.

I have a lot of emotions about this game. It’s obviously great and will be a strong candidate for the Game of the Year. The boss was very prominent to me, I remember many of them very affectionately. Some for their incredibly interesting designs (Godrick and his arms; Ricardo’s bizarre nature is an incredible feat of imagination, Radan and his cheerful little horse, and summoning all of them. The battle of the boss with is all a happy memory).

Some people don’t like it very much, but especially the bosses who have begun to resent as a waste of time. The first few times I fight one of these lizard-like things, but by the time I reach the 4th or 5th, I’ve reached for a fast-forward button that doesn’t exist. There is quite a lot of content that repeats throughout the game. If you’ve stepped into one cave, I’ve stepped into all the caves and I’ll tell you about it.

Discovering the above caves and catacombs is another thing I have begun to resent. I resented it because the game was large (too big for my taste) and I got this torn sensation at the time of discovery. I felt I needed to explore because I might find great amulets and weapons, but I also found that it was exactly the same as I had already done 10 times in almost the same 10 other caves. .. (By the way, where is the factory that made all the same huts I found in the cave? I was convinced that at some point I would come across a B & Q).

Gameplay loops are still fascinating, potential build flexibility is probably more generous than ever, and there are so many different executable options that really fit all playstyles. It seems. I’ve seen videos of people who look and fight differently from my character, but it’s hard to believe it’s the same game.

FromSoftware games are the pinnacle of action genre for me, and Elden Ring’s horse-riding action has added yet another layer to the system to extend the formula in a meaningful way. That’s great and I took every opportunity to ride the Golden Halberd and chop it up. Every moment of the gameplay is amazing.

The area where Elden Ring began to resemble the Dark Souls game was also a big highlight for me. Stormvale Castle was as magnificent as I thought it was at the time, but it is inferior to the majesty of discovering, exploring, dying and retrying in the capital. What a mysterious place it is!

Walking down the ramparts and seeing a stone dragon wrapped around the city’s buildings is a great moment, if any. The vastness of the city and its many corners and gaps are what I like most about Souls games. Throughout the game, I missed the joy of discovering locked doors and shortcuts, but it’s these more traditional soul areas that have returned certain aspects of gameplay, and I think it’s I loved it.

That said, while compelling, I was hoping for an end towards the end of the 60-hour playthrough. I just wanted to finish, so I skipped a lot of slow option areas (I have to watch a video of a guy with a jug in his head to beat Malenia). There are few stories to keep you persuaded to the end, and even best-in-class action has begun to exceed 50 hours welcomed to me.

I’ve seen a lot of letters saying that I spent 50 hours on Limgrave alone, so I think this is a personal hobby. I’m just envious of the way people have always found to play games. I’m not envious of how inefficient they play. In my case, it consumed my game life for 6 weeks, and I’m glad I played such a spectacularly spectacular game.

Finally, you can’t write a letter without mentioning everyone’s favorite difficulty subject and where it is from the From Pantheon. When it comes to difficulty, I find it surprisingly forgiving and candid – most of the time. There are so many options to help you through each encounter.

Since I play offline, I can summon Spirit Ash whenever I have a hard time and do a lot of damage by defocusing the boss. Most bosses feel like an easy win if you summon Spirit Ash and have a multiplayer character, I have no direct experience in that regard, but also to help you. [You can’t summon Spirit Ashes while in co-op – GC]

The difficulty was really little to me in the last few areas, especially the bosses in the last few stories. In particular, Mariquez didn’t know if he would win, but he quickly respected it on Google, so it wasn’t a one-shot … well, I was still struggling, but I managed it once. That’s all you need. Maliketh 15-1 Dirty, but for some reason I’m the winner.

This also, very interestingly, pondered how my first attempt was made at the last boss.

Finally, is this one of the best games ever? For me, it’s not even in conversation. It’s definitely brilliant, not because it’s not brilliant. But personally, I don’t think it’s even the best game From has ever created, so it’s not on the list of the best games ever. (Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3 are my top 3 from the game if you’re wondering). But I liked it – yes, I absolutely liked it. It was an explosive and truly epic game. But I also hated it … a little? Yeah, I did a little.

Score: 9/10
Pros: Convincing action as usual, imaginative design unlike many others in the game
Cons: It’s too big.Especially repeated bosses and areas
Play time: 59 hours

Reader Henshin Agogo

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Why Elden Ring is not in the top three Soulsborne games – Reader’s Feature

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