Why Erik Lensherr was always right

In the world of X-Men, Mutants face discrimination, threats, and sometimes even potential extinction. Accordingly, mutants generally have two options. Professor Xavier’s path to advocate peaceful coexistence with other human beings, and Erik Lensherr, who believes that other societies do not allow mutants to survive.

X-Men Movies usually portray Xavier as the main character and Erik Lensherr as the villain, but … maybe they’re wrong? And perhaps Magny Toh was right and had a point about how mutants and humans couldn’t coexist? In the latest Marvel video, you’ll see the long history of the X-Men movie to see how Erik Lensherr’s actions and philosophies are right and wrong, with pretty amazing results. The original Erik Lensherr played by Ian McKellen, first class A series played by Michael Fassbender. See it below:

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Why Erik Lensherr was always right

https://screencrush.com/why-magneto-was-right-all-along/ Why Erik Lensherr was always right

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