Why fans hate Britini, Brent and Derek F

Big Brother 23 fans don’t like Britini D’Angelo, Brent Champagne and Derek Frazier for a variety of reasons. Find out what BB23 fans are saying.

As Big Brother 23 House guests have reached their third week in the house, and fans have begun to name their most disliked players this summer, such as Britini D’Angelo, Brent Champagne and Derek Frazier. So far, this season has been well received by fans as it is not as predictable and interesting as the recent season. But that doesn’t mean that no house guest is ready to see the viewer exit the door on the night of eviction. Among those players are Britini, Brent, and Derek F.

Both Britini and Derek F have been selected by Brandon Frenchie as members of the Joker Team at Night.Unfortunately for them, the team captain French bulldog was sent packing last week.. Brittini actually noticed last week sitting with Frenchie in the block. The French Bulldog was finally kicked out with an 11 to 1 vote. Brent, meanwhile, is part of an ace team captained by Whitney Williams. This week I noticed that both Brent and Britini are in the block.

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If Brent doesn’t win the veto, he’s supposed to be kicked out on Thursday night, Big Brother 23 Fans won’t mind if Brittini leaves. According to a Reddit thread (see below), fan users are discussing why they aren’t fans of Brent, Britini, and Derek F. Brent is mostly hated because of his ego and the way he acts around women in the house. Just a week after the contest, Brent was accused by viewers of the live feed: Improperly touching Hannah Chadda.. One user said,He considers himself the mayor of the house and makes some misleading comments to several women.“In fact, this is the main reason most house guests want to get rid of Brent later this week.

When it comes to Brittini, many viewers believe she’s playing the game too personally. Nominations for peasant evictions have never been easier, but Britini became significantly upset and emotional after both nominations. She also reiterates that it is unfair for her to be in the block. This can be frustrating for some viewers, but most people understand that her autism affects her emotional response. One user looked at both sides of the discussion and explained:I sympathize with her situation and crying and melting is not the reason I hate her. She feels she has the right not to sit in the block and is constantly complaining about how she “did nothing”.“Both last week and this week, Britini was informed that she was just a pawn. Sometimes the pawn goes home, but Britini is safe considering the players nominated with her. You need to be confident. Occasional rouge voting, Britini was safe with a majority vote last week, and it is predicted that it will happen again this week.

Derek Frazier is hated older brother He was targeting some of his fans’ favorite house guests and was very intimate with Frenchie, which many viewers didn’t like. Many agree that Derek F can sometimes be a bit annoying. He is generally perceived as a bad player, which is also a disappointment with the high expectations many have had for him. The reason these cast members aren’t liked by fans isn’t too extreme, except for Brent’s case with Hannah and his remarks about women.

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Why fans hate Britini, Brent and Derek F

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