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The second edition of FIA Motorsport Games promises to be the biggest festival of motorsport competition between nations. The FIA ​​will bring together 18 different motorsport disciplines at the Paul Ricard circuit in southern France at the end of October.The first event was held in Rome in 2019, but unfortunately The 2020 event was canceled due to a pandemic.

There have been attempts to organize competitions based on national teams such as the A1 Grand Prix, and back in the 1960s, international karts were based on the team chosen to represent their country. But no more ambitious competition has ever been created. Everything was planned and implemented against the backdrop of a pandemic.

We are all very proud of Britain’s rich heritage in global motorsports, led by Lewis Hamilton and with dozens of other world champions across multiple disciplines. Combining seven F1 teams with the motorsport engineering industry, which includes companies such as M-Sport and Prodrive, we have gained a position as one of the top motorsport nations in the world. So where do motor sports games fit into our future?

Motorsport is primarily outside the framework of a wide range of sports environments. There are various reasons for this, including technical and infrastructure requirements. But with F1 at the top of the pyramid, we’ve enjoyed a showcase that has a huge impact on the world. However, F1 is an atypical example of motorsport, given that most of the activities around the world take place at the national and club levels. Motor sports games are your chance to shout out about British talent that excels at all levels of sport.

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One of the great strengths of motorsport is this versatility, which allows such a wide variety of styles and practices to appeal to competitors and fans. In fact, this diversity has increased rather than reduced in recent years with new formats such as drift and digital motorsport. We welcome the opportunity to showcase the true diversity of sports.

plus: Legacy motorsport “Olympic” can be built

The professional side of motorsport is well represented in the game with GT races, touring cars, Formula 4 from circuit races, and Rally 2 representing the FIA ​​stairs to the World Rally Championship. All of these areas require investment by a team of experts and the use of proprietary equipment, but beyond the upper levels, drivers compete with equipment supplied in equal arenas.

In the 2021 edition, competition will intensify, doubling the number of competing countries and regions to 100. This is a unique opportunity for drivers and teams to step up and represent the UK.

We welcome grassroots areas such as Auto Slalom, Crosscar and Karting Endurance to be introduced into the game. Auto Slalom is just one of the events that will allow UK licensees other than motorsport to come forward and participate in the game, and will probably inspire travel to other areas. In addition to Karting Endurance and the existing Karting Slalom, another category, Karting Sprint, will join the program. Together they allow us to celebrate the best of British kart talent. In fact, the chance to represent Britain in the competition is open only to athletes in the British Kart Championships.

I’m really happy to be able to include drift as a new area of ​​motorsport UK this year. Competitors in the new Drift Pro Championship are eligible to represent the UK in competitions. The championship begins in June and we look forward to introducing our members to this new area. The 2021 game adds historic and regularity rally events and recognizes historic motorsports.

Olesia Vashchuk

Olesia Vashchuk

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In the first tournament of 2019, Motorsport UK formed a strong team of six in Rome, with 2018 British GT champion Flick Haigh leading Barrelunga. Team UK participated in four of the six events, with British Touring Car Championship star Rory Butcher commanding the MG6 XPower TCR decorated with the Union Jack at the Touring Car Cup. Scott finished fourth in the game’s final touring cup race and missed a few medals. The team failed to reach the podium in Italy, but James Baldwin approached while suffering a bronze medal in the final of the Digital Cup.

In the 2021 edition, competition will intensify, doubling the number of competing countries and regions to 100. This is a unique opportunity for drivers and teams to step up and represent the UK. From my own experience with the British Olympic Association and London 2012, about competing for your country among athletes around the world who may be doing areas very far from your own activities. I know there is something. And very valuable.

Athletes representing their country shift their focus from individuals to teams, doing so with pride and honor.

Motorsport UK has the ambition to form a full team representing all 18 areas in the 2021 game, which requires a commitment to compete with professional drivers and teams. Become. The discussion is in full swing and we welcome interested parties to contact us.

If you would like to register your interests or learn more about FIA motor sports games, please visit:

# 11 PRT Diogo Manuel Diasco Leia BMW M3 E92, # 21LVA Edmonds Bergin BMW E46

# 11 PRT Diogo Manuel Diasco Leia BMW M3 E92, # 21LVA Edmonds Bergin BMW E46

Photo: SRO

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Why FIA Motor Sports Games Are Important Why FIA Motor Sports Games Are Important

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