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‘The last word? ‘They demand.

“RIP,” she replies. “Please rip me.”

Who said? Was it Jeanne d’Arc? Mary Antoinette under the guillotine? No. It was Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez just before being punted into space in the first round of the Among Us live stream in September. The mainstream media quickly praised Cortez for being familiar with the media, but little attention was paid to the game itself (the Guardian called it a fadish). I think this is a serious oversight. It looks like something was born on the Newgrounds page around 2005, but Among Us is the perfect game for today, and perhaps tomorrow.

Please think about it in March. I know it’s painful, but please forgive me.In addition to sourdough bread and animal forest, there was an absolutely early quarantine period Everyone I was doing a zoom quiz. That was a great idea enough. The problem is that the quiz is the worst. The formula dries fairly quickly and has no adventurous, drama or visual flair. The quiz died gradually. However, the thirst for communal enjoyment remains.

When hosting a digital meetup, we’ve been stuck with the same question asked by a friend’s gang since the dawn of time- Where should i go It’s a delicate balance. At one end of the spectrum is conferencing software like Zoom, pure virtual space. This is the equivalent of an unfurnished room where friends and colleagues randomly fly in and out of existence. It’s convenient, but not very fun. At the other end is a well-built multiplayer experience. Choose Overwatch, League of Legends, Poison. These games are great, but they also raise barriers to entry, both technically and economically. There is a platonic ideal somewhere in the center. The perfect game for just what you know. Hanging out.

I don’t think the game exists yet. But I can roughly guess what it looks like, or at least what it steals from the current leader. The perfect Hangouts game combines three important strengths: communication, convenience, and downtime.

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Some of us have a clear example of proper communication in the Whodunit formula, infused with paranoia torn directly from the decks of classic party games like the Mafia and Werewolf. When playing as a scammer, AOC took advantage of her natural charisma to divert her attention. “Are you really going to do this to me?” She asked the distressed Rep. Ilhan Omar, who was torn between her Democratic loyalty and overwhelming evidence of Cortez. All games are transformed into small soap opera, where the roles of heroes and villains are randomly shuffled, using the player’s personality as a weapon for delicious effects. This emotional LARP may seem a bit silly from the outside, but it serves a much deeper purpose. Hangouts games don’t just exist to cure boredom, they also cure loneliness. Engaging players at the individual level is very important.

From a convenience standpoint, the current front runner is probably Fortnite. Epic’s giant dollar box is available on almost every platform in the sun and offers amazing accessibility for players with disabilities. It’s also free, brightly colored and easy to pick up. If you are killed, you will stop by again within a minute. Would you like to fantasize about the battle? It’s not a problem. Simply hijack the truck and hijack it on the nearest cliff. The gameplay is intentionally shallow, so you can immerse your toes and have a good time. Sure, the motive may be suspicious-even the most miserable and strong-willed players will find it difficult to resist the store siren calls-but Fortnite’s chat room / playground blend is universal. We have set a benchmark for attractiveness.

The last point is the hardest to separate, but probably the most important: downtime. Downtime does not mean a screen, menu loading, lobbying, or a section where the game suddenly becomes boring. It’s a natural gap, a breath in. There were some of the happiest nights of my life playing Mario Kart on the littered floor of my friend’s dormitory, but I didn’t sit and play for hours at a time. We took it in turn, had a light meal, and rushed to Tesco to find a pack of ridiculously cheap lager. And during those breaks we chatted. In order for casual multiplayer games to reach their full potential, some free space needs to be integrated.

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No game I’ve played can do this trick better than the Sea of ​​Thieves.High seas arrivalPG is some leagues south of perfection, even with a number of new features last year. The quests are too open-ended, the fighting can feel fumbling, and the mechanics are awkward. New players will lose a lot of time and get confused. However, the game becomes a reality during the journey. Sailing at the Sea of ​​Thieves is slowly and carefully designed. Collaborative experience. Maneuvering and reading the map cannot be done at the same time. If one person is lowering the anchor, another person needs to raise the sail. You may encounter another ship or a rampaging kraken, but often a trip from one island to another is between wind and silence, fine-tuning the rudder, and sparkling bubbles in the evening sun. It is a wave at the tip.He turned to the crew and said, “How are you doing? Really Was it done? “

The pearl-holding science-fiction writer has warned us for years about the dangers of being obsessed with virtual reality. However, the blocked life exposed the opposite problem. It’s very easy to get trapped in the real world by the rigors of daily work and soak yourself in a bucket after a terrible news bucket. Escaping with friends for a few hours is a matter of survival.

Among Us’ popular explosion shows how hungry people are for a new kind of digital space.Because games alone are not enough There is Mario Kart is gone. Sofas, floor beanbags, kitchens, gardens, the whole house should be a crazy and delightful atmosphere. That’s what we are missing now. The developers don’t fully understand how to fill that gap, but I believe they will. And when they do, I’m there-curling my shirt, controller of my hand, grinning from ear to ear.


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