Why Hawkeye is the MCU’s first Christmas story in years

“I think the holiday was before me,” said Reese Thomas at a press conference when asked about the setting of Uletide. “But yeah, that is, I Die Hard Feel … I think the story of a character like Clint just trying to live his life and struggling to find him is a metaphor that we all love and enjoy. And setting for Christmas, which is a clash between family time and business time, is a classic combination. “

Thomas acknowledged that he needed to “pass” his first idea to Marvel Studios chief creative officer Kevin Feige, who said: For a limited time period — basically a 6-day series setting, not completely real-time. 6 episodes, 6 days. “

Fage adds the question, “Will Clint go home for Christmas?”After a broader purpose in stories like, it proved to be somewhat palatal cleanser for the Marvel team. Endgame, Loki When Eternals.. “(This) was fun and a breath of fresh air after the end of the world stakes and celestials exploded from the planet and the multiverse Shenanigan. It’s a grounded family-based, like Hawkeye himself. It’s a show. “

8 years have passed Iron man 3 When Hawkeye, This is also not the last MCU joint to take place during the most festive time of the year. Guardian of Galaxy Holiday Special teeth Will come out About a year later, on Christmas 2022, Feige states that vacation movies and television specials are part of a long tradition that includes classic dishes such as: Batman Returns And annually Doctor Who special.

“I loved the movies, shows and specials that take place during the holiday season,” says Fage. “I think the amount of emotions, conflicts and tensions that can occur in this glorious season is increasing. To be honest, we have always been looking for opportunities …Guardian of Galaxy Holiday Special I’ve been working for literally four years. “

All kinds of multiverse hell are expected to be unleashed in the following movie MCUs Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness When Ant-Man & Wasp: Quantumania, This may be the last relatively peaceful Christmas that Marvel’s hero has for a while … so I hope Hawkeye gets home in time to enjoy him here.

Why Hawkeye is the MCU’s first Christmas story in years

https://www.denofgeek.com/tv/why-hawkeye-is-mcu-first-christmas-story-years/ Why Hawkeye is the MCU’s first Christmas story in years

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