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PS4 Pro – Who Needs the Next Generation? (Photo: Sony)

One reader explains why he decided to buy the last generation PS4 Pro for only £ 200 instead of spending money on the new PS5.

The winter of 2020 is a period of excitement after a long and harsh year of misery and misery. With the advent of a new generation of hardware, gamers are trying to get it, whether it’s the PlayStation 5 or not. Xbox series X / S. But I decided to buy a PS4 Pro. So I’m very happy that I don’t have to go to the PlayStation 5 chicken chasing parade around the cyber farm trying to buy a PS4 Pro.

Now, I’m grateful that a new generation of hardware brings fresh, hopeful excitement to the future of video games, and many people want some of that action, but of specs and visual quality. Other than improvements, there is little reason to ship immediately. The only (unintended pun) monopoly on the PlayStation 5 is Demon’s Souls, a hard and ruthless game that rewards patience and patience, and all other PlayStation monopoly games are also available for purchase on the PlayStation 4, so the leap at this point is It is unnecessary and expensive. It’s okay to wait a few months for the PlayStation 5 library to mature before purchasing.

As far as innovation is concerned, I’m not really impressed with the PlayStation 5, not to mention the Xbox Series X. OK, it looks shiny, has been significantly improved technically, and will soon show its true potential. But where is the huge game changer here? The Nintendo Switch is more innovative and eccentric on your fingernails than either the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 can be managed systemically. I couldn’t get the PlayStation 5 at launch, so saying something like this could be bitter and moody, but I would have pre-ordered it if I wanted to. But I love the PlayStation 4 and celebrate what it has given us through these wonderful seven years of its existence.

The reason PS4 Pro is worth investing now is that if you don’t own a PS4 Pro and aren’t convinced or can’t track the unscalped PlayStation 5, it’s temporary. The PS4 Pro is readily available and can be found on eBay for about £ 200 (the amount I paid). While PlayStation 5 is busy promoting the PlayStation 4 library with a huge PlayStation Plus giveaway, you can see a great library of games. bundle.

It’s clear that PlayStation 4 is still in the spotlight, and the PlayStation 5 launch has some exclusivity to the PlayStation 4 launch, making PlayStation 4 much more attractive, as much as the PlayStation 4 launch. There is no luxury. PlayStation 5 introduces itself like the scene in the Simpsons episode “Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy”. Here, a Springfield girl and Waylon Smithers rush to a toy store to buy a new doll just because they have a new hat on their head.

We are up-to-date because we feel we need to get the latest hardware, as is inevitably the case with this excessive consumer culture in which we live. It is modernized with new technology. I think it’s a capitalist operation that even I’m susceptible to, but with a little courtesy and patience, you can be rewarded in time for the PlayStation 5, the library is open and in stock. So it will be much sweeter enough to be rich enough for us to welcome this new generation.

Reader James Davy

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Why I bought a PS4 Pro instead of a PS5 – Reader’s Feature

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