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Not all deliveries arrive at their destination (Photo: Sony)

One reader details the frustrating days of waiting for the PS5 to arrive and what happened after noticing that the PS5 didn’t arrive.

I wanted to share my tragic story with myself and my readers.What I feel (and read) is not an isolated case of these PlayStation 5 shortages

I managed to get a pre-order for the PlayStation 5 console from Amazon and thought I was the chosen person. Lucky Lucky, I thought I was lucky. Things were looking for 2020. I was able to expel some of the horrors of the previous month. With some well-placed electronic escapism from my tense NHS profession.

On the day of the launch, I prepared a space under the TV for an imminent new arrival. Perused my shiny new copy of Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls. Imagine the goodness of the game that will come to me soon and hold a new spare controller.

I started monitoring the advanced Amazon tracking system on my phone and showed the progress of the console. It seemed forever to see it slowly descend from the 10th stop to the final delivery.

Finally it was just outside my house and a delivery van was pulled up onto my road. The driver did not move for a few minutes and probably took a very necessary break. I just saw him look back at the van and go down the road. Oddly, he may have been called for an important errand.

My cell phone comes alive with an Amazon message telling me that my beloved console has been delivered and handed over to the resident!


“Is this a sick joke?”, I cursed.

It can’t happen. After that, a quick call to Amazon Customer Service was made.

“Did you confirm with your neighbor?”, The transcribed voice asks me. If he didn’t leave the van, I can’t explain again!

Or, unless he threw it out of the van, I couldn’t see how this was possible, I quietly thought of myself!

“Can you contact the wrong driver?”, Hopefully. “Sorry, there is no way to communicate with the driver.”

“We will investigate and contact you. We are confident that we can resolve this.”

“Is there anything else I can do to help?” I am properly asked.

A few days later, many official Amazon customer service calls were investigated and it was concluded that my console was “lost” in transit. My item is out of stock and I cannot resend the replacement unit. It’s surprising because the first pre-order sold out in 5 minutes because it’s rarer than provable chicken teeth.

Amazon’s statement regarding this report and other similar reports:

“We all aim to make our customers happy, but that’s not the case with just a few of these orders. I’m really sorry, but we’re investigating exactly what happened. We will contact all customers who have problems and notify them so that they can resolve them. Anyone who has a problem with an order can do it. If you need assistance, please contact our customer service team. “

My last encounter with Amazon’s beloved customer service.

“We apologize for the inconvenience and will give you a £ 5 gift certificate.”

“No, no, can you assign me a console when the next shipment arrives? That’s the bare minimum I can do in that situation.”

“Sorry, that’s not possible. Amazon doesn’t have the ability to do that. When it’s back in stock, try reordering.”

Amazon’s online response to this blunder is to “contact all customers with problems and make them aware that they can resolve the problem.”

Really Amazon, I don’t think so! Oh, it’s back on the PlayStation 4 for a foreseeable future. That mountain of unfinished classics is beckoning me.

The lesson of this tragic story is to sign up to be one of their drivers if you really want to guarantee your console on Amazon’s launch date. Sorted!

Blink Brown (Andy) by the reader

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How I didn’t get a PS5 delivered by Amazon – Reader’s Feature

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