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Why iPhone shows “Access to COVID-19 Publicity Notifications”

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s very likely that you’ll immediately see a pop-up on your iPhone saying “You can access the COVID-19 public relations notification.” Apple and Google have started this distinctive final year, so why are you being prompted now?

Some home governments are slower than others

If you’re wondering why you’re seeing this message right now, it’s because the contact tracing trait depends on the app from the native happiness authority that benefits from it. In the United States, this means that state authorities usually need to deploy personal contact tracing apps. Not all state governments have completed this.

For example, the state of California launched the contact tracing app CA Notify in December 2020. Oregon plans to launch a contact tracing app before April (2021) in collaboration with a consultant from the authorities. Various states couldn’t even plan to launch apps that would benefit from them.

This notification is sent when the native well-being agency rolls out the app if it hasn’t completed it yet. If you’re traveling between states, you may also see a notification each time such an app arrives at a location.

The same applies to different countries. You should see this pop-up if your local welfare authorities have made the app available.

What is a COVID-19 Publicity Notification?

Apple and Google have jointly created a digital framework for contact tracing. Apple’s resolution was reintroduced to the iPhone at Might 2020.

Contact tracing is not enabled by default and does nothing unless you choose to allow it. In addition, this is just an API and can be used by native public welfare agencies (for example, state authority welfare agencies). If your native public welfare authority hasn’t launched an app that uses the API, there’s no way to use it. (Sooner or later, Apple and Google may soon integrate it into iOS and Android and run it without the app.)

Primarily, if you allow this property, the iPhone will often ping over Bluetooth. It features a random identifier, which changes every 10 to 20 minutes. The various units with promotional notifications enabled have in mind the list of identifiers dispatched by nearby units.

When the person who owns the app puts in a constructive check for COVID-19, it reports a constructive check. The iPhone takes an inventory of the keys of the units that the homeowner reported constructively investigating and evaluates the native list of identifiers for that database. If they match, it means that you are physically closer to the person who later conducted the constructive investigation. It also provides recommendations on what to do. For example, you may see a suggestion that you need to be investigated.

In general, it’s really designed as a way to protect your privacy. Authorities do not get logs of everyone’s actions from these apps, nor do Apple or Google.

Without this privacy-protected contact tracing system, some governments are set up to deploy contact tracing programs that use GPS to monitor people’s behavior and store them in a centralized database. Was there. Apple and Google do not allow it. They are demanding that the government take advantage of this higher system.

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What to do if an alert is displayed

If you need notification, “continue” the faucet. You will also be prompted by a native public welfare agency to insert the app. This pop-up serves as a warning that the public well-being authority in your space has made the app available. Otherwise, many do not understand what they have chosen.

In fact, it’s not necessary. You can also turn off the power by freely inserting “Not Now” into the faucet. The choices are the same as you, but your native public welfare authorities will probably advise you to set up the app.

On iPhone[設定]>[宣伝通知]>[宣伝通知をオンにする]You can choose to activate promotional notifications sooner or later by going to.

See how to disable availability alerts

If you don’t want to see availability alerts on your iPhone when you can access the COVID-19 monitoring app in your space[設定]>[パブリシティ通知]Go to. Here you can turn off the possibility of “availability alerts”.

Why iPhone shows “Access to COVID-19 Publicity Notifications” Why iPhone shows “Access to COVID-19 Publicity Notifications”

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