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Why is IDEX encryption rising?

IDEX is a decentralized exchange with centralized replacement parts that speed up the network while maintaining integrity as a decentralized ecosystem.The platform is hosted on Ethereum The same is true for BinanceSmartChain. The concept of an automated market maker used in the most similar initiatives to execute transactions on DEX. However, IDEX takes a different approach.

IDEX is an orderbook exchange, and the project combines the components of centralized and distributed exchanges to accelerate the execution of ledger transactions. While most of the DEX platforms on the market are AMMs, IDEX employs purchase orders to centralize the technology for matching orders across the network.

The IDEX cryptocurrency caught the attention of investors on Tuesday, as indicated by its rising prices. IDEX tokens have increased by more than 122%, but their volume has increased by more than 1153% in the last 24 hours.

Idex is a hybrid liquidity decentralized exchange that acts as a purchase order and automated market maker (AMM). It promises to be the first to combine the characteristics of traditional order books with the security and liquidity of computerized market makers.

By integrating the off-chain transaction engine with on-chain transaction settlement, we introduced a new method for decentralized exchange services and provided users with various benefits. For example, this method eliminates terrible transactions and wasted gasoline bills. It claims to provide users with a convenient trading experience. The fast execution of transactions allows customers to continue trading without waiting for the previous transaction to be settled.

He states that complex order types and trading techniques can be implemented using this method, as only limited orders are available, taking into account arbitrage opportunities with other exchanges.

Idex was co-founded by the Alex and Phil Wearn brothers, who are currently the project’s CEO and COO, respectively.The platform’s native cryptocurrencies are IDEX, ERC-20 tokens Ethereum.

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Why is IDEX encryption rising? Why is IDEX encryption rising?

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