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After Joe Biden’s Venmo account was discovered soon after BuzzFeed News, The app is serious about security.

Ah New York Times The article said the president used a payment app to send money to his grandchildren. BuzzFeed News I decided to see if I could find Biden in the app. Not only did they find him, but they also revealed his family and his list of friends, including White House officials.

The president’s deal was private, but the names of those on Biden’s friend list were not. After BuzzFeed published this article, Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden’s Venmo accounts were deleted. Venmo is now beginning to roll out new security features.

You did Joe

Software engineer Jane Manchun Wong discovered that: Venmo was working on A new setting that allows users to change their privacy settings. This new feature allows users to make their friends list public, visible only to friends, or private. You also have the option to, reportedly, prevent your account from appearing in other users’ friends lists.

This feature is not yet fully functional and is not open to all users. It may take some time for everyone to receive this feature and work properly. A Venmo spokeswoman has confirmed that this new feature will be available to customers. It is still unclear if friends lists and transactions will continue to be published by default.

Not a new issue

It’s commendable that Venmo quickly addressed this privacy vulnerability, but it’s certainly not a new issue. Cybersecurity experts, journalists, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Digital Rights Group warn users about the privacy of payment apps.

By default Trading on Venmo It is open to the public. This reveals your personal information and may reveal it to anyone. Venmo recommends that users import their phone contacts to find friends to make payments. Many people associate their full name with their actual photo to their account.

For villains, vandals, scammers, and stalkers, a Venmo account can be a treasure trove of information about the users of that account. Even if you can’t unknowingly break into your account, you may still be able to use publicly available information to track your location and reverse engineer information about you.

Venmo as a witness

Users can change Venmo’s settings to keep it private, but if you’re not careful, you can leave a lot of information in your app. You can use that information to publish a lot of information about Venmo users. last year, Bachelor Fans Information available From the contestant’s Venmo account to ruin the show’s finale.

In 2019, Los Angeles Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs died from a drug overdose when he visited Texas in a series against the Rangers. Autopsy revealed that Skaggs was under the influence of fentanyl, oxycodone, and alcohol. Authorities used Venmo’s deal to explain that Angels employee Eric Kay had been selling Skaggs drugs for years.

Authorities could also use Venmo’s deal to track the drug that killed rapper Mac Miller in 2018. Three men were charged with distributing fentanyl lace drugs and causing an overdose of rappers.

Biden’s other cybersecurity failures

Not the first time Joe Biden’s technical taste Raised a security question. For national security reasons, the President was not allowed to bring his beloved Peloton exercise bike when he moved to Pennsylvania Avenue 1600.

Popular workout bikes feature a camera, microphone, and computer with an internet connection. This device could be the target of foreign actors seeking to collect state secrets. The Secret Service and the National Security Agency may have investigated exercise bikes to manage potential vulnerabilities.

— —

Are you happy that Venmo is finally taking user security seriously? Do these new developments make you feel better about setting up a Venmo account even if you don’t have one? Please let us know in the comments.

Why is Joe Biden changing the way Venmo works on your account? – Film Daily

https://filmdaily.co/news/venmo-account/ Why is Joe Biden changing the way Venmo works on your account? – Film Daily

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