Why Jeffrey Passchel shouldn’t have been cast by TLC

Jeffrey assaulted his ex-girlfriend before traveling to Russia to meet Valya, so why did TLC allow him to join the cast 90 days ago?

rear 90 days fiance: 90 days ago Star Jeffrey Passchel convicted of indictment During domestic abuse, it became fully clear that TLC should not invite him. 90 days fiance Franchise in the first place. It is terribly negligent that the network did not know or should have known about the accusations of abuse against Jeffrey and did not expel him early from the show.

At the show, Jeffrey traveled to Russia to meet his long-distance girlfriend, Valya Marina, and finally proposed. Fans saw many warning signs in his actions, but Varia still seemed to love him. But there were many ups and downs in their relationship. After the show, the fans weren’t sure if the two were together. Jeffrey had a criminal record This included drug convictions and, more recently, assault charges against him by a former girlfriend. Jeffrey’s chicken returned to the roost last week, and he has been found guilty of all charges and is currently facing a sentence.

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TLC finally Jeffrey Tell everything 90 days ago The episode, he shouldn’t have been allowed to the show in the first place. The assault on his ex-girlfriend took place on June 19, 2019. In July, Jeffrey traveled to Russia to meet Valya for the first time. Jeffrey was probably already cast next season, but if he was charged, TLC should have unplugged it. The network is Abuse of JeffreyHowever, TLC didn’t care if there wasn’t enough due diligence and wanted to appear in the drama.

Jeffrey Passchel 90th Fiance

Aside from the obvious issue of providing a national television platform to abusive men, the network may have endangered Varia because she did not inform her about Jeffrey’s legal issues and allegations of assault. I have. His previous drug conviction was alienated from Varia, as was the attack on his ex-girlfriend, which took place just a month before Jeffrey and Varia’s first meeting. Apart from the physical dangers posed to Valiya, she was unknowingly associated with a violent criminal.In the wake of Jeffrey convicted, Varia deleted her Instagram account, Probably in response to harassment from fans.

Create a network 90 days fiance: 90 days ago The rest of the franchise is obliged to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the cast members of the show. It should be standard to do a basic background check and monitor current and potential stars. Jeffrey’s casting was either a major oversight or incredibly inappropriate. In any case, Varia and her fans should be furious with the TLC.

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Why Jeffrey Passchel shouldn’t have been cast by TLC

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