Why Jesse’s Weight Loss Book Was Pulled From Amazon

90th Fiance Jesse Meister wrote a book in 2020, but fans can’t find it on Amazon. This is why intermittent fasting was pulled off the shelves.

Controversial 90th fiance Alum Jesse Meister wrote a weight loss book called Intermittent fasting, And it’s time to find out why the book was removed from the Amazon platform.Jesse was first introduced to TLC viewers when he appeared 90 days fiance: 90 days ago Season 2 with Darcy Silva, And the Dutch native soon solidified himself as a television villain.Their dramatic and noisy relationship 90th fiance Viewers, most fans, weren’t surprised when Darcy and Jesse finally broke up for good in 2020. They had the same strong attitude and strong personality. ..

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The relationship between Jesse and Darcy did not last, but the two real stars were in the realm of reality and continued in other programs. 90th fiance Franchise.Darcy and her twin sister Stacey Silva are now on the show Darcy & StacyWhile Jesse is making his mark as a villain at the show 90th Fiance: What are you doing now? And (recently) 90 days: Single life.. In addition to his repeated appearances at TLC Jesse continued to work We are enthusiastic about various efforts in the “real world”, and the degree of success varies. The 29-year-old has gained a lot of support on social media, but his debut novel from 2020 is Intermittent fastingIt wasn’t always well received by the viewers who drove him to stardom.

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It was withdrawn just days after Jesse’s weight loss book was put up for sale on Amazon.according to Monsters and criticsThe quick reversal started 90th fiance Fans have begun to flood Jesse’s literary debut with bad reviews.Announced by Jesse Intermittent fasting By April 2, 2020, and by April 5, TLC Star was threatening legal action.In an Instagram story shared by Morebiggy On Instagram, Jesse wrote it “Keyboard Warriors” Had “I left a false / swearing review on Amazon even if I didn’t buy my book.” Some fans thought he hinted at it Amazon was teaming up with Jesse To put his book back on the shelf. Jesse continued, “I am looking for a US civil litigation lawyer to help me file a lawsuit. “ Against the bad reviews that led to Intermittent fasting Being pulled.

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As a result of Jesse looking for a lawyer, nothing seems to come out. As of May 2022, Jesse’s book is not yet available on Amazon, but can be purchased on his official website. Jessemeester.com..In addition to Intermittent fasting, It sells for $ 24.99 and with Jesse 90th fiance Franchises can book a one-hour Skype coaching session starting at $ 360, or a cool Jesse face-to-face appearance at $ 15,000.

Not just Jesse 90th fiance Alum who wrote the book after appearing in TLC because others followed the same path Flatulence Bottle Entrepreneur Stephanie Matt, Tom Brooks, Yolanda Leak. When he hasn’t traveled the world and enjoyed his new relationship with Jennifer Tarazona, Jesse continues to make money using other creative means. He may not be a fan favorite right away, but it’s undeniable that he knows how to hustle. Two years later, his book hasn’t returned to Amazon, so it doesn’t look like fans who have expressed their dissatisfaction through bad reviews will be punished for expressing themselves.

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source: Monsters and critics, Morebiggy/Instagram

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