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France World Cup, European Championship, and UEFA Nations League NS Win 2-1 in the final on Sunday Against Spain Courtesy Kylian MbappeVictory Goal (Stream Replays on ESPN + in the US).

Les Bruce I was forced to come from behind Mikel Oyalzabal He led Spain shortly after the hour mark at San Siro in Milan.The lead lasted up to 2 minutes ago Karim Benzema Outstanding efforts from the range have been leveled for France, highlighting a clever 20-yard strike. Unai Simon And in the far corner.

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That was the situation up to 80 minutes. Mbappe broke behind the Spanish defense, dodging Simon and slipping into the low finish, winning the winner.

The goal was controversial as Mbappe looked a few paces offside. Theo Hernandez Played him in the goal. However, after VAR reviewed the goal, referee Anthony Taylor decided to allow it, causing a fierce protest from Spain.

I thought Taylor was a Spanish defender Eric Garcia On his way to Mbappe, he intentionally stretched his legs to touch the ball, making everything after that a new stage of play. In short, Mbappe was on his side and the goal was perfectly legitimate.

This did not stop viewers from calling for theater on social media. Many people Paris Saint-Germain The star was running away with it.

So how was Mbappe determined to be on his side? When Hernandez played the ball to Mbappe, the striker was undoubtedly offside, in front of Spain’s centre-back Garcia. However, the offside law sets the relative position of the player only when Hernandez passes the ball. Mbappe will only be active offside if you participate in play or challenge your opponent.

Garcia desperately stretched the ball to stop it from reaching Mbappe. This is categorized as intentional ball play, resetting the offside phase and playing Mbappe onside. Since Mbappe was not near Garcia, he did not directly affect the defender’s passcut failure and is not considered to be challenging the defender.

If Garcia misses the ball completely, Mbappe has a habit of going offside. But Garcia got in touch, so the PSG striker was on the side and he did the rest.

French sports newspaper L’Équipe He did not mention the VAR case at all on its front page and instead chose to announce the national team and their continued success.

But the Spanish media Diario Sports Use that heading to blame all that “injustice.”

There was a similar scene in Maruka, “They are ruining football,” screaming, splashing the image of Mbappe’s position across the front page.

Mundo Deportivo He asked VAR to “beat it”, paying attention to the sunlight between Mbappe and Garcia at the moment the decisive pass was played.

COPE radio presenter Manororama was one of the many Spanish media personalities who expressed disgust at the incident.

“According to referee Taylor, Eric Garcia tried to play the ball.” Lama tweeted.. “Conclusion: The referee has no bloody idea about football.”

As you can imagine, “Elchiringito“The studio has evolved into a lively and enthusiastic debate about VAR and whether the system implementation is’anti-football’.

Presenter of “El Chiringito” Joseph Pedreroll He also tweeted his personal thoughts on this issue: “Injustice, Period”.

In the wake of the final, Cyril Takayama’s radio quivered positively with anger, and journalist and contributor Kylian Mbappe yelled that Mbappe’s goal was “contrary to the essence of football.” Ros also named the result of the 2021 Nations League final “the biggest scandal in football history since the 1966 World Cup.”

In addition, Ondacero presenter Eduard García added that Mbappe’s goal is “one of the most shameful moments of VAR. It’s the biggest error since VAR was introduced.”

Elsewhere Ass ass Deciding to veil the way Spain is defeated, instead focusing on the promising performance of Luis Enrique’s youthful team in the Nations League, the front page says “no title but a bright future” Stated.

Columnist Thomas Roncello wrote: .. That is an invalid goal.

“We’re back in the days when Spain was treated as a joke. Even if my beloved Mbappe scored in VAR, I can’t explain how to win the trophy offside. They cheated Spain from the Nations League.”

Spanish captain for what it is worth Sergio Busquets The defeat was a little more exaggerated, praising the French exhibition and celebrating the victory of Didier Deschamps’ team after the final whistle.However Barcelona Veterans still openly questioned the decision to set a goal for Mbappe’s victory.

“That’s a shame,” Busquets said. “I think I did enough to not lose, but I admitted, although the goals were different for the two similar moves. The second seemed offside to us on the pitch.

“Mbappe was in an offside position. The referee said Eric would go to play the ball. That means it wasn’t offside. It doesn’t make sense to us. You tried to play the ball. Must, Eric passes like any other defender, but he didn’t get out of control. “

He certainly has points, but unfortunately for Busquets and the wider Spanish football community, the legal letter is solid.

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Why Kylian Mbappe’s “Offside” France-Spain Nations League Victory Goal Recognized Why Kylian Mbappe’s “Offside” France-Spain Nations League Victory Goal Recognized

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