Why make a Savage World Pathfinder?

December 23, 2020 by Polar_Bear

You may be wondering why Paiso and the Pinnacle Entertainment Group are working together to create it. Pathfinder Adventure of Savage World.. Well, they have the answer for you. The short version is “because not all gamers like all game systems.” I know very much that it is true.

From the post:

Hello Pathfinder!

You may have heard the Pinnacle Entertainment Group transforming some of Paiso’s legendary adventure paths into Savage World Game system. Don’t worry … we’re not trying to steal anyone from Paiso’s friends! Because they are friends — our founders have known each other for over 20 years!

You already know the Paizo staff and how they created one of the best success stories in the gaming industry. If you don’t know Pinnacle or founder Shane Hensley, you may know some of his work. He creates, designs, produces, or works on hundreds of games from Triple A MMOs such as: Neverwinter or City of Heroes / Villains For miniatures, role-playing, cards, board games, novels, and dozens of short stories. He has written, edited, or directed dozens of books on different versions of the d20 system, from the original TSR. Dark Sun, Raven Loft,and Rank Mar Setting to the d20 version of your own game.Of course, he is the most famous in creation Savage World And Deadland: Weird West..

You are already lucky souls playing incredible epic adventure paths. Paiso did a great job of not only creating these legendary stories, but also supporting them. From pawns to maps, supplementary books and other accessories, we at small businesses respect Paiso and see what they are doing. They are industry leaders, good people, and we are all the fans they have achieved, just like everyone reading this blog.

So why do these adventures Savage World in that case?Because we Love Those.


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