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The New Orleans Pelican may want to redo the 2020 NBA Draft.

The· New Orleans Pelican Participate in the 2020 NBA Draft with 4 picks Kira Lewis Junior

Obviously, we have only three games in the season and he hasn’t played, so the jury is still new. Lewis Jr. was one of the youngest players in the draft, so it’s no shock that he doesn’t contribute immediately.

Lewis Jr. will probably spend some time in the G League And if he becomes an elite talent in the future, that’s okay.

However, the Pelican has three additional picks, all in the second round, and you may regret not using them to move up and grab another player.

The pelican bench was ferocious outside Josh HartIn particular, Nicolo Melli and Jaxson Hayes are killing Pell at this point.

The 2020 NBA Draft was considered weak, but there are already some guys who seem to have been able to help get the Pelican off the bench.

New Orleans Pelican: Pell had to use a draft topic

Pelican made 39th, 42nd and 60th picks in the second round, all of which were exchanged for future picks.

Maybe those picks will turn into players through future drafts and trades, but for now, Pell’s has a rotation of eight and there aren’t many benches to talk to.

I’m not sure if there was a deal, but it seems that Perth could move up if he wanted, with three picks in the second round and a ton more in the future.

Were they able to move up enough to win Saddiq Bey in # 19? What about Precious Achiuwa, who was filmed at the age of 20 and is already playing the Heat Impact Minutes?

Tyrese Maxi already looked like a player off the 76ers bench, and Peyton Pritchard could have given Pers a scoring punch.

Importantly, there were quite a few guys in this draft who might have helped Pelican, and they chose to roll with the group they had.

The New Orleans Pelican bench will be a problem until someone steps up or makes a deal.

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Why New Orleans Pelicans Regret the 2020 NBA Draft Why New Orleans Pelicans Regret the 2020 NBA Draft

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