Why Nicolas Cage Doesn’t Speak at Willy’s Wonderland

Nicolas Cage’s Willy’s Wonderland character, Janita, says nothing throughout the film, but his actions are more eloquent than words.

Nicolas Cage does not speak Willy’s Wonderland.. Cage plays a janitor who is the main character who speaks no words throughout the execution time. This is really great for slasher movies.Slightly inspired by video games 5 nights at Freddie’s, Willy’s Wonderland Cage characters see animatronics revived and tasked with cleaning a famous, abandoned restaurant that kills those trapped inside. Meanwhile, a group of teenagers, led by Liv (Emily Tosta), is trying to end the terrorist politics of animatronics.

Janitor Willy’s Wonderland It is a mysterious character that the audience hardly knows.In addition to Nicolas Cage not talking Willy’s Wonderland, He has not been given an inside story, and the viewer can only estimate his history. He drives a nice car, consumes a lot of energy drinks, is a miracle worker of cleaners, and seems undisturbed by the presence of murderous animatronics.

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Mute the cage is an interesting choice Willy’s Wonderland, And the writer GO Parsons initially wrote the script without the character’s conversation because he imagined an unbudgeted version that would play that role. Nevertheless, Nicolas Cage Horror Movie It is drawn from two main inspirations. The first inspiration is the typical wanderer, and the second inspiration is the hero of the silent video game. Wanderers move from town to town, get into trouble, solve local problems, and then ride the sunset again.Akira Kurosawa’s example is a notable genre. Yojinbo Or a western drama like Sergio Leone’s “Man with No Name” trilogy starring Clint Eastwood.

Why Nicolas Cage Doesn’t Speak at Willy’s Wonderland

The beginning of Willy’s Wonderland I owe it a lot from Western aesthetics. The town of Hayesville, Nevada is small, isolated, and devastated. The outdoor scene is tanned and the people running around the city are crooked. Like most western heroes, Nicolas Cage The character doesn’t say much, but his actions speak clearly and clearly. He quietly finishes the bargain, cleans the nasty restaurant, and shows his unique sense of honor. If he is given a task, even Killer Animatronics can’t keep him off because he’s done it and focused on Willys Wonderland’s cleanup.

The prototype of the silent hero used for Nicolas Cage’s mute character Willy’s Wonderland It’s also a subtle destruction — made better by the bold actors in that role.Unlike the classic Western figures who board the town and defeat the bad guys in dramatic and epic ways, Nicolas Cage’s quiet character is Willy’s Wonderland Not a typical hero — he is a janitor. The end result was a lot of success, but the film encountered different reviews and many commented that it was disappointing that Nicolas Cage wasn’t talking. Still, it was a bold creative choice.

How Willy’s Wonderland Connects to Freddie’s 5 Nights

Nicolas Cage Willy's Wonderland

Other possible inspirations for Nicolas Cage’s quiet janitor Willy’s Wonderland The main character of a silent video game. Willy’s Wonderland Is greatly influenced by 5 nights at Freddie’s Franchise, It also features a quiet character that confronts the evil animatronics in a restaurant with a terrifying history. For most of the industry’s history, video game protagonists have traditionally remained silent (especially role-playing games), even when encountering many talking NPCs (non-player characters). This is so common that in practice, South Park: Stick of Truth.. Some games make use of dialogue trees, and many modern games have recorded dialogues or cutscenes, but the philosophy behind most RPGs is that the main hero doesn’t speak, so the player can do that. It’s about making it easier to project yourself into a role.

Throughout the game there are lots of small nods Willy’s Wonderland That too; the opening credit is 8 bits, and the can of punch soda that the cage consumes regularly acts like a power-up.He always drinks them before fighting, and his pinball break is similar to a mini-game that you can play after death 5 nights at Freddie’s. Even without dialogue, the performance of the cage is Willy’s Wonderland It’s a joy. Cage may not speak, but his profane behavior is such that a very strange audience can’t help but be sucked in.

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