Why “no pain or profit” is stronger than you think

You may have heard the phrase “no pain or benefit”. Especially if you enjoy hitting the gym and running a nice pump. What this means is that in order for your muscles to grow, you have to shred the fibers so that they can grow larger and stronger. This advance causes physical pain as you are tearing your muscles, but the reward for pain is always worth it.

Many people are unaware that this golden quote applies everywhere. Even outside your local gym. In all the different areas of your life. Fitness, dating, finances, mental health. You’ve probably faced a variety of challenges and setbacks in these areas, but have you ever wondered what lessons you learned? Have you ever thought about your progress and the impact of your failure on it?

Pain and benefits of daily life

You probably know that if you want to get something done, you have to work hard. There is nothing good in life without it. Just as you have to work hard on your training to be healthier, you have to work hard to learn new skills when building a business.

You will probably run into pain when you lose money, but those mistakes teach you an important lesson. When you are looking for love, you will have to face rejection as you approach people. The list continues. As you pursue your goals, there are some pains you must experience in order to reach them. It may be physical pain in the gym or mental pain or stress in business.

So whatever your dreams, start looking at them from this perspective. Like Jim, every moment of pain and discomfort will be rewarded later. Don’t be afraid to encounter pain as it is a sign that you are progressing. Burns on your muscles make them stronger, the pain of being rejected teaches you how to get closer to you, and the pain of losing $ 1000 teaches you many valuable lessons in business. I will.

All this will help you succeed later. Mastering all areas of life requires those painful repetitions and efforts. There is no book or information to replace the skills gained from your own experience. So keep in mind that it’s okay to make mistakes, feel stressed, and feel confused. That means you’re improving!

Use pain to your advantage

“What does it mean to use pain for your benefit, are you sane?” No, no. This means that we should start looking at failure, rejection, and pain from a new perspective.One of the biggest differences between Top 1% of successful people And mediocrity is the way they deal with failure.

Instead of seeing painful failure as a sign of depreciation, think of it as a great lesson. Like a gym clerk. The more painful you are, the more rewards you will get later.

Business people may be investing in non-functional training, but they will teach you how to find a working training. The dating person may be a brutal sorrow that teaches others not to rest on the pedestal. Mental health professionals can have a negative experience that forces them to learn to control anxiety.

Is there a point here? One of the basic, unwritten rules of the world is that if you want to achieve something great, you have to work hard to get out of the comfort zone.

Many people don’t do this because they don’t have enough patience to stay consistent or their ego and fear of failure stop them. Don’t let that toxic mindset hinder you. Instead of shrinking and avoiding the risk of pain, put yourself there and be the person in charge! And when you repeat those contacts over and over, you will reach success. Instead of seeing the failures as heavy bricks in a mental backpack, use them to build stairs that someday reach the clouds.

Pain, the biggest motive

Have you ever seen the following phenomena in your life? Someone is facing a horrific setback in life, such as a business failure or a brutal broken heart. For a while they feel terrible, but over time they will change and become their own new and better versions. They may even argue that the setback was the best thing they have ever done.

I certainly saw this and experienced it myself. The reason this happens is very simple. When life hits you hard, you are in a very painful situation and are almost forced to take action and improve your life. When you take that action, you will be a better version of yourself.

There are two types of motives. The first is the desire to move towards joy. This is the most common. People see what they want and ask for it. Then there is the more powerful one. Encourage you to stay away from pain.. Obviously, the second method gives better results because you want to start with a painful situation and get rid of something. Yes, it’s unpleasant but very effective. This is a way to turn a big setback into a biggest advantage.

As a person who will reward you later, you will begin to see various forms of pain and discomfort. Just like Jim. no pain no gain. With proper application of this principle, almost anything can be achieved.

Why “No Pain, No Gain” Is More Powerful Than You Realize

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