“Why Novak Djokovic has so much more than I do …” says the legend. – Tennis Sports

After the Australian Federal Court’s decision to cancel the visa, Novak Djokovic returned to Belgrade and was greeted by hundreds of fans at Nikola Tesla Airport. However, the Serbian champion decided to return directly to his family without being content with the crowd.

After days of silence, Djokovic reappeared in public, as some of the photos fans posted on social media testified. The newspaper “Informer” then announced that Belgrade had participated in a religious worship service at the Ružica Church.

Toni Nadal commented on a statement made by French Sports Minister Roxana Malacineanu on a bill (already approved and edited) governing the introduction of vaccination passes in France and talked about Djokovic’s future.

“I can come up with ideas for a topic, but at some point I think people need to confirm their position,” Uncle Toni told Mike Onda. “He is said to be unable to play even at the French Open.

Knoll is having a big problem right now. He has no choice but to stop and think and change his belief about him. I hope the pandemic will be resolved as soon as possible and things will return to normal. Toni Nadal talked about the possibility of Rafael Nadal winning the Australian Open.

Mallorca is the only Big Three in Melbourne and could have a great opportunity to overtake Roger Federer and Djokovic in the battle for Grand Slam dominance.

John McEnroe talks about Djokovic

Tennis legend John McEnroe has accused Novak Djokovic of being deported from Australia prior to the Australian Open.

“”[It’s an] “I’m absolutely joking about what happened in the last 12 days,” McEnroe said. I saw it play live. It is a total BS. If he decides not to vaccinate and the Australian authorities say, “You can’t go there unless you’re vaccinated,” the end of the story is black and white.

McEnroe went on to say, “He decides if he wants to do it. He has a very strong belief and has the right to accept those beliefs. The man won the Australian Open nine times. did [to go] In a sense.

I have to give it to him. I have 7 majors, he has 20. The reason he has much more than I do is because he is willing to take that risk and go there. You may be trying to break the record of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal (of the 20 men’s Grand Slam title shared by the Serbs), and he was willing to go to these lengths. Talking about that-‘I don’t want to get vaccinated, but I’m going to do whatever it takes, “McEnroe added.

– Tennis Sports

“Why Novak Djokovic has so much more than I do …” says the legend. “Why Novak Djokovic has so much more than I do …” says the legend.

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