Why Ragnar Lothbrok attempted his death in Season 4

Viking Season 4 did something that is rarely done on TV shows. Killed the main character, Ragnar Lothbrok. King North’s death-dropped in a venomous snake hole and executed-was lifted straight from the Viking saga and needed to advance the show and focus on his sons. However, Laguner actually planned his own death in the show, which was his greatest victory.

Was introduced as a mere farmer in Viking Season 1Ragnar Lothbrok’s curiosity about the world led him to sail west and lead the assault on Britain. He made enemies along the way, and it was by defeating those enemies that Laguner became the Count of Kattegat, and later the King. But after such a rise, Viking Season 4 turned into the downfall of Laguner. He developed drug addiction, suffered a devastating defeat during the Siege of Paris, and disappeared from the Kattegat Strait for many years.

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When Laguner returned to Kattegat, he was no longer in a good position to conquer anything. The weak and unpopular old man had to rely on digging up hordes of his treasure. His afterlife in Valhalla — To bribe a small crew member of the assailant and sail with him to England. A storm destroyed his ship, and Ragnar arrived at his destination without allies, except for his disabled son, Ivar the Boneless. He certainly didn’t look like a threat, but by dying, Laguner did more damage to England than he ever did in his life. In his own words, it is “Part of a bigger and bolder strategy.. “

Laguner became an atheist before his death

Viking Laguner Season 4

Laguner’s curiosity has come to question everything, including God himself. The conflict between Norse mythology and Christianity Viking From the beginning, Laguner and his beloved friend, Azerstan.. The two characters responded very differently to religious conflicts in their lives. Azerstan found himself torn between the upbringing of Christians and his years as a monk, and the kinship between the Vikings and their gods after being captured. He could not completely choose between Norse faith and Christianity until he was reborn as a Christian shortly before his death. Conversely, the more Laguner was exposed to the religion of Assolstan, the more he seemed to doubt the existence of the gods. But he realized that the gods had power over people (whether real or not) and began to use it for his benefit.

During the first siege of Paris, Viking Season 3Laguner pretended to be converted to Christianity and asked to be baptized. He then broke out dramatically after forging his death so that his casket was taken to the center of the city for Christian burial, and his troops in Paris to cause havoc. I opened the gate. In the wake of Assolstan’s death, Laguner replaced his belief in the gods with his belief in himself. While recovering from the injury he suffered in Paris, Laguner had the vision that the Gate of Valhalla would approach him. This can be interpreted to mean that he is not ready to die yet, but it can also be seen as the moment when Laguner disbelieves in Valhalla.

of Viking Season 4Laguner revealed his loss of faith when the Kattegat prophecies were vague, confused, and accused of being self-fulfilling. Laguner said to the Prophet, “I do not believe in the existence of God. Man is not God, but his own destined master. The gods are human creations and are meant to give the answer that they are too afraid to give themselves.At the end of his life, Laguner was no longer willing to accept that the gods had already decided how to die. Instead, he proudly declared that he had shaped his own destiny, and that he was the only one who planned his process of death.

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Laguner was ready to die (and stayed for a while)

Viking Laguner and Tree

From the moment he returns Later Kattegat Viking In the Season 4 time jump, it was clear that Laguner wanted to die. He later confessed to King Ekbert:Death was at the top of my heart for a while“The first Ragnar challenged his sons to kill him and bravely become king, but they did not. Then he, in honor of Odin’s myth, the Yggdrasil tree. -The all-father of the eyes returns to the scene of Ragnar Lothbrok’s death, one eye is swollen and beaten and closed. When the rope breaks and saves his life. Ragnar Lothbrok sought his death Another way – by returning to England. He planned to defeat his enemies and prepare his sons for victory and fame. It was clear that he never intended to return, as he took the time to say goodbye to all his loved ones before he left, including a reconciliation with Froki.

Why Laguner wanted to be executed by King El

Viking Ragnar and Ael

The basic goal of Ragnar Lothbrok’s death was to set the destruction of both King Ekbert and King El. There has never been a lost love between Laguner and Azerstan, but a similar personality and a common love for Assolstan meant that Laguner and Ekbert had a great deal of respect for each other. despite this, Viking‘Ragnar Lothbrok Many years ago he could not die without planning revenge for the slaughter of the Viking settlements. He tricked Ecbert into believing that the crime was forgiven, and Ecbert handed him over to Ælle to release Ivar, but in fact told Ivar to take revenge on both.

But Laguner’s plans were more than just revenge.of Viking In Season 2, he asked the Prophet what would happen to his son and was told they would be more famous than him. In particular, Ragnar saw the potential of Ival’s greatness and said to his youngest child that his non-functioning feet gave him the strength that his brother lacked. The nature of Ragnar Lothbrok’s death was also his last lesson. Ivar the Boneless: He emphasized that people would always underestimate him for his feet, just as Laguner’s own enemies underestimated him when he seemed to be nothing more than a fragile old man. ..

Believing that he chose his fate, Laguner decided to lead the fate of his sons as well. By motivating them to avenge his death, he also gave them a rally cry that they would need to raise the Great Heathen Army. In life, Laguner had to spend all the last pieces of gold just to put together a pathetic assault corps. But when he dies, Ragnar Lothbrok has become a Viking legend It was able to unite the people of the north and lead his sons on the path to glory.

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How Laguner’s plan was carried out after his death

Ragnar's Viking Son

Despite his legendary status and his achievements as an explorer, Laguner’s military victory was actually somewhat limited. He led a successful surprise attack on Northumbria, but when he first led an army to Wessex, they were defeated by the use of Roman military tactics by King Ekbert. He suffered an even more brutal and costly defeat in the first battle of the Siege of Paris, losing twice in the Siege of Paris and returning the broken man home.

He made little progress in conquering Britain throughout his life, but Ragnar Lothbrok’s death in Season 4 caused havoc in Britain as his son — Bjorn, Ubba, Hvitserk, Sigurd, Ival — Thousands of troops gathered to wage war. In particular, Ivar proved to be a much better military strategist than his father. Bjorn led his first victory over King El in a brute force attack, but Ival used his cunning to confuse King Ekbert’s army, strangle them, flee Ekbert’s family, and drive him to fate. rice field. Elle was badly killed when Bjorn performed a blood eagle ritual on him, but Ekbert was allowed a peaceful death rather than cutting his wrist. After forcing Ragnar’s revenge, his sons could use Ival’s strategy to conquer the city of York, establish a base there, and repel the Saxons’ attempts to regain it. I did.

I was told many times Viking Laguner’s The real dream was not just to attack England, but to establish land for the people of England. Through the careful design of his own death, he was finally able to achieve this goal. Whether Valhalla existed and Laguner went there, he survived his death by building heritage through his sons.Of course, the heritage is a bit off track Viking Season 5 when his sons started fighting between them, but Laguner can’t really blame it.

How Ragnar Lothbrok died in real life

Laguner in the battle of the Vikings

The famous Norse king Ragnar Lothbrok Viking The television show was immortalized by Icelandic legends, telling his victory over England and elsewhere, eventually being defeated by King El and thrown into a snake hole. Ragnar Lothbrok’s Season 4 Death scene. Sadly, Viking“Laguner was actually a real person. Evidence confirms the existence of his son, especially Ivar the Boneless, but historians believe that Laguner was actually a combination of three different historical figures. Is: Horik I of Denmark ( Viking Series), King Reginfrid, and Reginherus. The real King Holic was eventually killed by his brother Gutrum, and King Reginfrid may have died in battle. Little is known about the end of Legin Health, but many believe he was simply killed after losing the battle.It makes sense because none of these deaths are as symbolic as the myths surrounding Laguner. Viking Season 4 sought to express legend rather than reality.

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