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Let’s admit it. We are all afraid of rejection. Whether this refusal is due to a relationship or a job title, we all hate hearing the word “no.” This fear of refusal is one of many reasons why people are afraid of their careers in sales. Another reason may be the fear that your strategy may be too aggressive or unprepared. But these fears should never prevent you from pursuing a career in sales.

There are many reasons why selling may be the perfect path for you. Do you like competition? Do you like to win? Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishing a big deal. Your hard work makes a real difference and the thrill of victory is rewarding. Revenues are often performance-based, so sales carriers offer more revenue potential than most other carriers. You are hired to increase your income, and employers often motivate their sales teams in the form of income. As you can see, the sales team is very important to the business. Employment stability is always high, as every company that sells products and services urges effective salespeople to make money. In addition, sales careers are often combined with flexible schedules. This depends on the position, but many external sales positions benefit from the flexibility of their daily schedule.

Now that you understand why sales are a good career option, it’s important to discuss how to overcome these preconceptions about sales. How do you do this? First, understand that it is normal to hear “no”, especially at first. But when you learn to see it in a healthy way, rejection is a good thing. Rejection is an opportunity for learning. Take a step back, evaluate performance and find areas of growth. Second, prioritize product knowledge and sales skills such as listening and communication to increase self-confidence. Like everything else, the more you sell, the easier it is. Finally, focus on the value you are providing. Selling doesn’t feel like a job if you really believe it’s helping people. And selling is fun! Sales can create strong relationships and connections in your life.

There are many opportunities in the world of sales. Today, the top sales industry includes technology and software, healthcare, insurance, medical and financial services. So stop finding excuses and take the next step in pursuing a successful sales carrier.make schedule Start talking about your career quest with your career coach today!

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Jami Pandisio

Why Sales Are Not Afraid – UConn Center for Career Development Why Sales Are Not Afraid – UConn Center for Career Development

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